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Anyway, what the hell does DIY mean?

Name Withheld
via voicemail

DIY stands for “do it yourself.” − Editor

Yellow Journalism

Just a slight correction to the article about the Yellow Deli (“Tin Fork,” March 10). The picture titled “Dayag, daughter Tsebiah, and wife Roeh” is incorrect. Tsebiah is Dayag’s wife, and Roeh is his son.

Ben McCourt
via email

The Price Of A Good Meal

Re “Cat Snip” (Cover Story, February 24).

I have donated to the Feral Cat Coalition for many years and had a true feral hanging around my house “done” through them. (He didn’t come back for a month, but his hunger eventually overcame his wrath for me.)

This small grass-roots organization does its good works quietly and competently. Judging from the letters, the cover photo was a bit shocking for your more sensitive readers, but I hope it made everyone read the article — and to remember this group for help with poor feral cats and for donations, which are used much more efficiently than in big organizations.

Lisa Butler
via email

Biweekly Not Good

Don Bauder and Jeff Smith represent the exceptional quality of the Reader. There are many other worthy writers in the Reader, but these two gentlemen are world-class.

Jeff Smith is the consummate theater reviewer. No one is more knowledgeable or more discerning. His columns not only educate the public but help shape and accelerate the growth of excellence of San Diego theater. I don’t know why he now appears every other week, but if it is in your power to return him to weekly status, I implore you to do so. Until such time, the Reader is just not what it used to be, and that’s a shame.

Jim Caputo
via email

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Jay Allen Sanford March 23, 2011 @ 2:36 p.m.

The Reader gets death threats via voicemail?! "Look Out Commies" seems to have been threatening something anyway - "your paper will be shot down...you will no longer circulate your newspaper because we will find a way to get rid of you."

Wow, the Reader must be doing something right, to inspire that kinda ire!


SurfPuppy619 March 23, 2011 @ 2:58 p.m.

It is also true that the top 20 percent of income earners in the U.S. pay 80 percent of all income taxes. The bottom 20 percent pay no income tax. How is that fair?


Why is it fair?? Please. Get serious.

The top 20% may pay 80% of the taxes, but they are taking in 95% of the income, so they are getting a sweet deal.


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