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Unfunded pension liability was the first issue raised at the January 20 La Mesa Town Hall Meeting held at Maryland Avenue Elementary School. Other concerns voiced by residents ranged from crime and traffic to the city council’s views about gun control.

The two-hour meeting attracted more than 40 people. Mayor Art Madrid acknowledged the pension issue and invited residents to a March budget workshop. He urged residents to become involved with Neighborhood Watch, a program that could assist in emergency preparedness.

Police chief Alan Lanning and city manager David Witt described methods of staying informed that included receiving emails and text messages about crime alerts and neighborhood events. Traffic issues included a woman’s request to lower the speed limit on Lake Murray Boulevard to 35 miles per hour. Witt said speed-limit rules were complicated and constrained by state laws.

A man referred to the Arizona shootings and asked about the council’s “feelings about guns and gun control.” Issues like mental illness need to be addressed, said councilman Dave Allan. He later announced that the La Mesa portion of Fletcher Parkway becomes Veterans Memorial Parkway on June 3.

Pictured: Police chief Alan Lanning

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I Am Stardirt Feb. 18, 2011 @ 11:42 a.m.

"Unfunded pension liability," was the phrase that got through my self-involved internal dialog. Why should I care about someone else's retirement problems? After all, I'm 52 years old in a few days, drawing SSI and Social Security disability for chronic mental illness compounded by physical disability.

I admire those people who have had the ability to get up for thirty years and do the same thing every day. Those people who have the emotional stability, the physical strength, and the ability to maintain stable personal relationships and stable professional relationships for their entire lives.

After all, isn't that what a pension is all about? After thirty years of stability and service you are rewarded.

If I had been able to secure these qualities and do these things, expecting my reward, I too, would be angry.


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