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It’s important to understand that the goal of all private businesses is simply to make money. They have little concern for public good. Their only obligation is to their stockholders, whose goal is to make money.

With this in mind, Mayor Sanders has already embarked on his plan to outsource City assets and services. His first target was the Help Desk and Desktop functions previously operated by the San Diego Data Processing Corporation.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell if there has really been any savings. Departments have retained their own desktop support personnel, and there hasn’t been an unbiased, comprehensive report as to the level of service and actual dollar savings.

That’s my problem with this strategy — there is no plan to provide an “unbiased” audit of the results. I’m not rejecting the strategy. I’m simply requesting that the results be evaluated and presented to the public. This should be the job of city councilmembers. It makes no sense for the mayor to do the audit, as he is the one advocating outsourcing.

The city councilmembers need to implement audit procedures to ensure that outsourcing is the best strategy.

It’s important to understand that once the City divests itself of key businesses, it will likely lose control forever. It will lose expertise, and it will not be able to buy back the assets. Also, if the City negotiates contracts as it has with the Chargers, we will end up in worse shape.

Ronald Harris
via email

A Four-Letter Word

Where do we go when we die? What Bible is Paula Elizabeth reading, or not reading (“Sheep and Goats,” February 10)? She says heaven was not something Jesus preached about, so she is not worried about it. It seems to me Jesus gave His life for people to be able to go to heaven. This sounds like a feel-good church — sin is not even mentioned, which, of course, is why the Bible says Jesus died on the cross, because of sin. If folks really want to learn about heaven, better avoid this congregation; they don’t seem to worry about it at all.

Paul Richard
via email

Sound Familiar?

It is unfortunate that the leader of a denomination that includes “Christ” in its name would refuse to use the word “sin” because it is “provocative” and “harmful” (“Sheep and Goats,” February 10).

Christ used the word “sin” quite frequently, from His warning, “You will die in your sins,” to His command, “Go and sin no more,” to His reprieve, “Your sins are forgiven.”

Jesus also “preached about” the consequences of sin: “everlasting punishment,” “the furnace of fire,” and “the outer darkness.”

In John chapter 15, Jesus said of the world, “If I had not come and spoken to them, they would have no sin, but now they have no excuse for their sin.”

Anyone who is the least bit familiar with the words of Christ has no excuse for pretending that sin does not exist.

Jim Crooks

We’re Riders, Not Racists

We went to the Escondido city hall to speak to the mayor and to bring our charro members to get introduced to the city council for them to see us and to hear our issues (“Stringers,” February 3). At no time have we brought the race card to the mayor. We could have, but we want to work with the city. We don’t want people to see Mexican Americans in an always-negative way. We have shown that we are hardworking people. We keep our kids off drugs and out of gangs. Our kids learn the way of the charros that have been here in America over 500 years. Our events are the way of the ranch workers — the events come from everyday life on a ranch.

We have done these events for the love of the charro ways and not because we get big money for doing it, unlike other horse events. How many horses have to be put down at the Del Mar racetrack every year? But it’s okay; it’s in fun, and it’s okay to gamble on them. Steeplechase? Polo? Why don’t you hear someone going after them? No, let’s go after the Mexicans. We can pick on them.

If you are going to accuse us of anything, please read, get involved, get the facts. Don’t let your hate and racist ways get the best of you.

Sergio Contreras
via email

He’s Gone! He’s Gone!

I just picked up a Reader recently and read the movie review section. I did the happy dance!!! Thank you for getting rid of Duncan Shepherd!! I don’t know how or why, but thanks just the same. I gave up on even scanning that section of the Reader for the last several years because that overly verbose windbag would only give a good review if the movie came before 1980 or was made in another country. I’m not reading to learn about the depths of your movie knowledge, dude, I’m reading to see if the movie is any good or not — hence the word “review.” I mean hello? How can you trash The Hangover????? Thank you for getting some folks who actually know what they are doing back on board.

Curt Lange
via email

Always Be Weird

I hate it when you omit “News of the Weird.” It is one of the things that makes your publication unique. Don’t omit it, please.

William Smith
via email

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SurfPuppy619 Feb. 20, 2011 @ 6:29 p.m.

It’s important to understand that the goal of all private businesses is simply to make money. They have little concern for public good. Their only obligation is to their stockholders, whose goal is to make money.

======== All private businesses need to make a profit to survive, but that is NOT their ONLY goal, or even the main goal.

The notion that they have little concern for the public good is ridiculous. That would apply to Wall Street for sure, but to make that claim about all is just dumb.


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