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Other films related to the WWII/Holocaust era are Army of Crime, about foreigners who fought for French honor; Habermann, about Germans and Czechs opposing the Nazi takeover of the Sudetenland; the documentary of a scientific survivor, In Search of Memory: The Neuroscientist Eric Kandel; the tale of a deaf, signing survivor, Ingelore; a French Jewish boy’s heroic endurance in La Rafle, with Jean Reno and Melanie Laurent; an artist enshrining his lost Jewish world in Paint What You Remember; a noir about a secretly Jewish movie star, Protektor; and a satire on a fabled Jewish boxer, Max Baer’s Last Right Hook.

Other film topics include a Down syndrome mom in Anita; the first Israeli astronaut in An Article of Hope; postwar “mail-order” brides in Bride Flight; a wrestler and painter in Canvasman: The Robbie Ellis Story; a moral crusader in Grace Paley: Collected Shorts; a gay Klezmer musician in He’s My Girl; the rewards of longevity in Over 90 and Loving It (which includes San Diego’s Laura Simon, 105); a kibbutz true to its roots in Inventing Our Life; the Civil War in Jewish Soldiers in Blue & Gray; Jewish victims of Argentina’s “dirty war” in Our Disappeared; a Spanish Civil War hero in Visa al Paraíso; the scandal of eugenics in War Against the Weak; and two baseball films: The Yankles and Jews and Baseball: An American Love Story.

The curtain falls Sunday, February 20, with Who Do You Love, Jerry Zaks’s dramatized salute to innovative record producers Leonard and Phil Chess. There will be numerous guests, shorts, speakers and events. Most tickets are from $11 to $13. Consult sdjff.org.

Newsreel: A small tear for Maria Schneider, 58, who died on February 3. “I felt very sad because I was treated like a sex symbol,” said the French woman who, barely a trained actor, came to fame at 19 as Marlon Brando’s pick-up lover in Last Tango in Paris. After the film’s rape scene and Pauline Kael comparing the film’s impact to Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” debut, wasn’t that fate a foregone conclusion? But her performances in Tango and in The Passenger, with Jack Nicholson, were quite unforgettable. ■

Reviewed in this week’s movie listings: Sanctum and Gnomeo & Juliet.

Also featured this week: John Rubio interviews Channing Tatum

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acannell Feb. 14, 2011 @ 1:44 p.m.

help me here people:

what word is used to describe someone who tries to write eloquently and impressively but just ends up sounding like a middle aged housewife who is "blossoming"?


ParahSalin Feb. 14, 2011 @ 2:21 p.m.

Hey, I'll take a shot (see my hit show on TLC) at this. I'm well aware of the middle-aged housewife blossomythingy stuff 'cause that goldang lamestream media is all over me 24/7, donhca know?

Is it "cannell"?


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