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Thursday 14

You miss me last week? Liar. Got lots of cool to-dos to do, so follow the bouncing balls...from Athens, GA, psych-rock trio Maserati pulls into Soda Bar behind their latest and spaciest to date, Pyramid of the Sun. The Temporary Residence record is a proggy hop from the band’s math-rock roots, probably due to personnel shifts since the ’08 death of drummer Jerry Fuchs, whose takes for Pyramid were preserved. Our own space case Kenseth Thibideau and Devo/Misfits amalgam the DevFits will open the show.... Not-so-convicted Killer Brandon Flowers is touring in support of his solo debut, Flamingo, which, true to his pedigree, is “overblown, silly, and downright stupid...but entertainingly so.” (Love the Onion’s AV Club.) Flowers’ll bloom at House of Blues with Brian Karscig’s dance-rock band the Nervous Wreckords.... Bloodflowers (no relation to Brandon) will pretty up Bar Pink with some ’70s-flavored full-tilt-boogie rocka rolla after Skyline Union’s piano jams.... Art-rock riot Ghetto Blaster turns it up at Ruby Room with Bad Dad and Seattleites Smooth Sailing.... Desert-rock quartet Heart Beat Trail follows electroacoustic act Mad Traffic into Tin Can Ale House.... Or belly up to Belly Up, anglophiles, as U.K. alt-pop trio Biffy Clyro takes the Solana Beach stage for one of 94/9’s “It’s About the Mewsic” things.

Friday 15

File, citizen! Daddy needs a new stadium.... If you follow the Crawler with any regularity, you know what a ’90s slack-rock indie dweeb I am. Pretty much anything that falls off the Yo La Tengo and rolls around the Pavement has my ear holes in a sweat. So, when I say Yuck jacks directly into my musical main vein, you should be able to hear that overblown jangle and flat-beat poetry tossed off like so much whatthefuckever. The four-piece’s Fat Possum debut is the funnest throwback record I’ve heard this year. Here’s an art/music project for you: next flight you’re on, open up the airline’s travel magazine (it’s in the seat pocket in front of you) to the map of the world with the routes they fly. Write Yuck over the London hub (cuz that’s where they’re from), and then follow a line to a destination and write in a band from that city that the kids have culled; e.g., over Dayton, you could write “Guided by Voices”; over Glasgow, “Teenage Fanclub.” See? Fun! Have I gone too far? I’ve had a lot of coffee. And Yuck’ll do that to you. The four-piece plays Casbah Friday night with Porcelain Raft and D/Wolves.... If you miss the door in Middletown, Soda Bar sets up SoCal solo roller Nick Hessler’s Catwalk. Tasty retro-rock sounds coming out of this kid’s lid. Check him out: The Phil Spector, Alex Chilton refs are spot on. With TV Girl and Tape Deck Mountain, this is a kill triple bill.... And alsos: garage-pop duo the Kills hit House of Blues behind this year’s Blood Pressures...around the bend, it’ll be Houston hip-hopper Lil’ Flip at 4th&B...Brooklyn indie-rock band Here We Go Magic brings its collection of Pigeons to the Loft...and skatecore crew Scheisse Minnelli’s Fight Against Reality tour takes the Shakedown. El Nada and D.P.I. will get the pit going.

Saturday 16

Elephant Revival’s one of them goth-y folk acts (they call it “transcendental”) that scare the bejesus out of me. Like Celtic ghosts with mandolins, saws, and washboards, this Colorado company will spin the oogum boogum off of their latest Ruff Shod release, Break in the Clouds, at AMSDconcerts.... “Punk the Fussies,” from L.A. via Crete, Greece, KROQ faves Barb Wire Dolls play Shakedown with Jet Kill Radio and Rabid Deception for your recommended daily allowance of “street rock.” P.S. and by the way, if you haven’t seen Swiss sexploitation flick Barbed Wire Dolls (née Frauengefängnis), you should Netflix it now. Wacky.... There’s going to be a Django Reinhardt trib at Dizzy’s Saturday night, featuring Argentine guitarist Gonzalo Bergara and his all-acoustic quartet playing “a modern variant of 1930s Reinhardt–inspired Gypsy jazz”.... Punkabilly band the Hard Fall Hearts have got a hot new number up on theirSpace page called “Creature of the Night.” Check it: The greazers’ll beat Tower Bar behind likeminded locals Gore Horsemen and the Red Devil Squadron.... While San Diego surteños Northern Tigers take down Til-Two like some weak-ass gazelle.

Sunday 17

Shakedown’s serving something rare at this Sunday’s matinee, Tesco Vee’s Hate Police, aka the Meatmen. Yes way. The politically incorrect punx are back and pissing vinegar. Since 1980, the equal opportunity offenders have been known for injecting off-color humor into hardcore with songs such as “Crippled Children Suck” and “What’s This Shit Called Love?” They even had one called “1 Down, 3 to Go” about the death of Beatle John Lennon. I wonder if they’ve updated that special song. Against the Grain, the River Bottom Nightmare Band, and Death Crisis go first.... Sunday night, Casbah hosts a benefit for the VOZ Alta Project, “a gallery/workspace dedicated to promoting cross-cultural and multidisciplinary art forms.” Latin jams dance band Agua Dulce takes the stage.

Monday 18

Bass badass Victor Wooten will be at Belly Up behind his new solo set A Show of Hands — 15. Wooten’s been Béla Fleck’s bassist since ’88, won five Grammys, and been named bassist of the year by Bass Player magazine three years running. ’Nother words, dude f!!!ing shreds.... From Murfreesboro, Tennessee, punk’d honky-tonk honeys Those Darlins visit their new t’do Screws Get Loose on Soda Bar. This is not your typical girl group. The Darlins don’t do woe, they do chicken and whiskey: Gun Runner sets it up.

Tuesday 19

Avant-rock act Capillary Action brings this year’s Natural Selection record Capsized to Ché Café. Like-minded locals the Innerds share the bill. If you missed Reader writer Chad Deal’s story on the Innerds, click this: Philly’s punkabilly fave Toothless George returns to Eleven for two-buck Tuesday. One guy, no teeth, two bucks.

Wednesday 20

Rollin’ down the street smokin’’s 4/20, you rollin’ down to 4th&B for Snoop D-o-double-g? The L.A.-based rapper/actor/Pepsi Max mouthpiece has new music out — Doggumentary. The reviews’ve been...respectful. It’s no Doggystyle. He’s got a pretty cool duet with Willie Nelson on there, though, “Superman.” You think Snoop rolls his own? Hells no. He’s got a driver.... Best of the rest this hazy crazy day getz Lost in the Trees at the Loft...and SanFran band Tartufi at Bar Pink with the Dabbers. Visine!

— Barnaby Monk

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Jay Allen Sanford April 13, 2011 @ 1:28 p.m.

Heh heh heh, "...while San Diego surteños Northern Tigers take down Til-Two like some weak-ass gazelle...." You don't find LOL-quotes like THAT in this column's "What To Do" counterparts/copycats at CityBeat, SoundDiego, etc ---


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