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Local LGBT Republican Group Doesn’t Endorse DeMaio or Dumanis for Mayor

San Diegans will elect their next mayor based on a variety of factors. However, certain elections, particularly those in which a minority group achieves a milestone, are historic. Such is the case if San Diegans ...

Dreaming with Freud in Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria, is a dreamlike city filled with two imperial palaces, one hundred art museums and countless Viennese cafes. So where do you begin for only a few days’ visit? If, like me, you’re married ...

Discovering Phoenix, Arizona

Living in Southern California, I’ve always been interested in the dry desert climate of our neighbor to the east, Arizona. Last December, when we finally visited Phoenix, we got a much better idea of landscape ...


“What is that, a duck?” David followed my gaze to the green-painted humanoid statue. “Looks more like a turtle,” he said. “Turtles don’t have beaks. And look at its head – maybe it’s some kind ...

Judas Rising at the Cricket

Judas Priest never does anything half-assed. Twenty-foot-high flames erupted across the back of the stage as CO2 cannons shot off in every direction among the fog and lights. Not to mention screaming lead-guitar battles between ...

Bad as Me, by Tom Waits

After seven years' absence, the end-times crooning of Tom Waits sounds like a derelict uncle scorning a mediocre music industry. With this collage of growling, blues-drenched songs, Uncle Tom is back. Waits tries to rekindle ...

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