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Forgive me, I’m not picking on Ms. Salaam particularly. However, while I have your ear, please let me voice my dissatisfaction with recent issues of the Reader. Ever since the untimely passing of your magnificent editor Judith Moore, your publication has plunged downward. Where are the insightful, in-depth articles that were the hallmark of this wonderful weekly journal? Why are you paying third-rate writers like Ms. Salaam to mock your readers with their poor prose? There are so many excellent journalists in this town, why do you accept her crap? We deserve better. Actually, you deserve better.

I will leave you with this thought.

Sean Feldstein
San Diego

No Room For Mom And Pop

I am very sad and disappointed to hear news that the City is trying to shut down Skateworld because I have yet to visit it, and I feel that it’s a part of history that needs to remain (“Skateworld Rolls Away,” Cover Story, September 2). The article discusses past and future arrangements for Skateworld, and the City is strongly against keeping it much longer.

I don’t think it is right to take away something that is part of the San Diego culture. It is the mom-and-pop shops that make diversity. I hate how everywhere you go you see the same companies. There are hundreds of Starbucks, plenty of Walmarts, and even Boomers are everywhere.

Apparently, it needs to be shut down because business isn’t booming. It’s a shame that in order for any business to remain, it has to be a huge corporation. Skateworld is unique and one of a kind, and that is what makes it more valuable. San Diego is multicultural, but it’s slowly losing its diversity. The City should, instead, try to keep Skateworld running, to keep nostalgia alive.

Lina Pean
North Park

Don’t Be Fooled

I’m writing in response to “Profits Strong, Jobs Weak” (“City Lights,” September 2). California’s AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, does many wonderful things for our state and especially our economy. Voters don’t need to agree on the idea of global warming to support this landmark legislation and its results. AB 32 has helped to create 500,000 jobs in the clean energy sector, which are necessarily local and can’t be outsourced. It reduces the air pollution caused by oil refineries and other polluters, protecting our health and our environment. It reduces California’s dependence on foreign oil, moving us towards a more stable world economy. But Texas-based oil companies Valero and Tesoro are trying to suspend these advances by rolling back AB 32. The two companies, who own some of the worst-polluting refineries in California, have given nearly $5 million to pass Proposition 23 this November. Fellow Californians, do not be fooled! This is a deceptive attempt to get rid of a landmark law so that these companies won’t have to pay millions in fines for their polluting practices. Vote NO on Prop 23, and continue to support efforts to expand our clean energy economy!

Bonnie Wagner
via email

No Special Treatment

I was browsing through the Reader when I came across your article “Las Vegas Murder” (Feature Story, August 26). I do not believe that it is fair to receive numerous extensions in a murder trial or any type of special treatment based on prior merit. As a student studying in the criminal/forensic field, I am appalled every time I read about a case such as Preciado-Nuño’s. Besides the fact that the defendant received numerous extensions, he was also allowed to post bail and go to his daughter’s wedding. Even if the defendant was a former FBI agent and police officer, one would think the same rules would apply as they do for any other civilian. The law is meant to be enforced regardless of who the defendant is. These types of special treatments have to stop, and more people need to understand that one life is not valuable over another. Former agent or not, this man knew that he was breaking the law. But his prior merit has kept him from being treated as any other defendant would. Maybe other menaces to society should be allowed the same rights; it’s only fair. Maybe they, too, like Preciado-Nuño, can be on house arrest for murder. We will all be really safe then.

Marlene Lopez
San Diego

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