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Elliot Becker
via email

Holy Hypnosis, Batman!

I usually wait for everyone else to comment and then add mine. In response to the many letters regarding Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Reader has given the other side of the issue, doing marvelous articles in “Sheep and Goats” (April 8), for example.

My take is that this group tries to make people believe that they are promoting the Bible in order to lure them into their cult and brainwash them using hyper-gnosis (hypnosis). People are then fed drugged Holy Communion in order to take their money and part of their lives. I consider Jehovah’s Witnesses, along with the Baptists, to be among the most ruthless of all religions. Both are secretly operated by the Masons, whose pyramid is on the back of the dollar bill and who use the 13-based spirituality of ancient paganism to abuse power. Ministers abusing these powers get just as high doing so as junkies do by using crack. And they get just as addicted. I consider Jehovah’s Witnesses to be a street gang that uses spirituality (love) instead of heroin to addict and control its members.

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Ivar July 16, 2010 @ 12:24 a.m.

Regarding the letter "Greedy, Rich, White" by Barry and Phyllis of Normal Heights, this is a perfect example of liberal-left hypocrisy, pseudo-intellectual pretension, and ingratitude.

Going on the basis of a single, one-sided book, they have decided that America is nothing more than the genocidal creation of greedy, rich white males.

They then proceed (without a hint of awareness of the irony) to quote one of those white males -- a U.S. military general, Republican, and former president of this "genocidal" country, no less -- with great admiration.

Here's a suggestion to Barry and Phyllis. Since you note that this land was stolen from Native Americans, you should pack your bags and leave -- after emptying your bank accounts and giving the proceeds to one of our Native American tribes.

But no, you intend to spend your retirement reading, listening to music, and hanging out with people just like you.

I shouldn't even have to say this to supposedly educated people like yourselves, but here goes: All nations, races, etc., have oppressed other people, taken land and property from them, etc.

When America had slavery, so did the rest of the world. Slavery has been practiced not just by whites, but by all races.

What makes America unique is that it is the one country in the world that all races and classes of people have sought out as a place both of refuge and of opportunity.

Your hatred of America is sad, no doubt the result of following fads instead of truly educating yourselves.

How does that saying go? The only thing worse than a fool is an old fool.

My, how many old fools we have in this society -- stirring up racist hatred against their own grandchildren (assuming Barry and Phyllis are the self-loathing whites I suspect they are...)


magicsfive July 20, 2010 @ 4:50 a.m.

RE:Chub Scrub..

Get a sense of humor. "tore it to pieces" and "with tears in her eyes"...boo hoo. the majority of the overweight population is overweight because of lifestyle choices. being an overweight woman myself, i have no one to blame BUT myself. quit crying and do something about it. i take no offense to articles such as that.

and Barry and Phyllis, do us all a favor and leave this country... ASAFP.


David Dodd July 20, 2010 @ 6:27 a.m.

To J. F. Dolan:

"As for Best Best & Krieger LLP (whatever LLP means)..."

I believe that "LLP" is Limited Liability Partnership. Why anyone would want to brag about something so incredibly nebulous is beyond me, sort of like flashing one's high school diploma at a MENSA meeting. Great letter, you give me reason hope that there are more intelligent people with the ability to appreciate good satire. Some people love to threaten lawsuits, which is maybe going to be the next version of slapstick. They would be better off hurling a cream-pie, it would do more damage.


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