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Yes, belief in Jesus Christ saves us by the grace of God. But to imply that faith is the only thing required of us misrepresents the Word.

The Hebrew writer said in chapter 5 that Jesus provides eternal salvation to those who obey Him. John told us in chapter 20 of Revelation that we will all be judged by our works.

Jesus Himself said in Matthew chapter 7 that those who just say “Lord, Lord” will not enter the kingdom of heaven. We must actually do the will of the Father to enter.

What is the will of the Father? One of His requirements is, again, in Pertle’s reference to Romans chapter 6: we must be freed from sin by being buried into the death of Jesus Christ through baptism.

Jim Crooks

Disgusting Face

I’m in Del Mar for the meet, and somebody here picked up this paper, and I just think that it is disturbing and disgusting that you would glorify this murderer (“I Have a Habit of Having Things in My Hand,” Cover Story, August 12). I just think it’s actually disturbing. I mean, I cut off the front cover of it because I didn’t want to look at his face. I just think it’s disgusting.

Name Withheld by Request
via voice mail

Wonderful Meth Article

I’m calling in reference to your August 12 issue, “I Have a Habit of Having Things in My Hand.” I read some of the comments by your readers (Letters, August 19). First of all, I don’t think this is a paper for children per se, so I don’t know…you know, even the cover had a guy who looked really scary — I wouldn’t let my kids pick that up and read it.

Anyway, thank you for being so frank and to the point. I’ve been in an abusive relationship with a person who was addicted to meth for five and a half years and just recently had the courage to get out of it. Anybody who’s never dealt with someone who’s addicted to meth has no idea what they’re capable of. This article was wonderful because it does show that. They’re not people anymore when they do that drug; they’re animals, and they usually resort to animal behavior. So I just thank you for bringing the frankness and reality of methamphetamine, or any drug, for that matter, to light.

via voice mail

Here’s The Solution

This is regarding illegal nuisances described in “Oh, the Language! Oh, the Noise!” July 21 (“City Lights”) and also previous articles about Rock Church.

A segment of SDPD’s neighborhood watch classes used to outline how to enforce one’s legal right to the quiet enjoyment of their property. I’m not sure if Bob Heider’s Safe Streets Now program is still active, but anyone can implement the procedures.

First, gather the aggrieved. Second, appoint a contact person. Third, instruct all aggrieved persons to create a log of every disturbance, detailing the incident, date, time and, importantly, the consequence: how it affected the person, how it made them feel. Fourth, armed with these grievances, the representative informs the offender of them, at this stage naming no names. The representative asks for cessation and informs the offender how many people he or she represents. The rep states that if the problems aren’t cured, each of the grievants is entitled to whatever the maximum is for small claims court — I forget — and notes that each disturbed occupant of a household can sue for that maximum amount. Additionally, the more detailed the aggrieved is (i.e., I was awakened, I couldn’t go back to sleep; I was mad, my blood pressure went up; I was worried and weary at work the next day), the better detailed it is, the more likely the judge will award the maximum in damages. That is, if going to court is necessary. Oftentimes, this approach is sufficient in itself. Only if it’s not do the claimants have to lose their anonymity to file suit.

Other options prevail upon elected representatives, namely your district’s councilman and your San Diego Police Department community relations officer, also entreating the entire city council at one of their meetings during public comments agenda items. There is something about the glitter of television that produces results.

Good luck! Sorry for your pain. Kudos to the Reader for exposing these untenable situations.

Name Withheld
via voice mail

Ahead Of Kepler? Please!

Sunday, August 15, I went to the La Jolla Village to see the movie Agora, which was reviewed by Duncan Shepherd. I quite agree with his statement that the film involved “historical rewriting” when it portrayed Hypatia as trying to understand the Earth’s orbit. The purpose of this letter is to elaborate on this somewhat further, since before my retirement I taught, in addition to physics, the History and Philosophy of Science.

Although all of Hypatia’s writings have been lost, there are references to her work in the writings of others, in particular, her editing the then-existing Almagest of Ptolemy, the greatest work on astronomy of that time, which, however, taught that the Earth was at rest in the center of the universe and the heavenly bodies revolved around it in a complicated scheme of circles on circles known as “epicycles,” designed to handle the apparent looping motion planets make against the stellar background when followed night after night.

This could have been easily illustrated in the film, but it wasn’t. There is not the slightest evidence in the references to her work that have survived that she rejected the Ptolemaic or geocentric scheme in favor of that of Aristarchus of Samos, who flourished in the Third Century BCE, about 700 years before her, and seems to have been the first to propose that the Earth and other planets circled the sun, which eliminated the apparent looping or retrograde motion of the planets.

The movie goes even further than making her an early Copernicus and has her combining her knowledge of the ellipse (a conic section, and she had indeed written a commentary of Apollonius’s treatise on Conics) to anticipate Kepler’s work of the 17th Century that proposed that the Earth and other planets traveled on elliptical orbits about the sun.

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