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I realized I’d done it again. I was volunteering information that was potentially noxious for a hyper-concerned mother. Like a seasoned politician I walked it back, detailing how friendly and responsive my neighbor had been, how fun it was to drive the rental car for a few days, and how the car looked like new.

“Oh, that’s good to hear,” Ency said. I was beginning to see why David chose to share only positive news with his parents. I wondered about the offhand statements I’d made to my own parents and if they were troubled by any mentions of stress and strife. Nah, I thought. Nothing fazes my folks — I know this because I spent years trying to do just that.

Once we were off the phone, David said, “Look, when I was 16, riding my bicycle across Europe, my passport was stolen. I didn’t tell my parents about it until I’d gotten a replacement. They have their own problems to stress over. They certainly don’t need to be fretting about what’s going on with my printer, especially when it is not broken.”

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Founder Aug. 18, 2010 @ 3:20 p.m.

Some lucky folks have all the luck they never learn to pass the buck

sounds like you both have it wired, enjoy life and don't get tired,

let life wash, over you, just enjoy it, please do

then do tell US all, how it feels, it's probably like, eating great meals...

So Thank You, for sharing, with all of US and I trust, you know who, won't make a fuss.


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