I’m still not sure where in the heck Temecula is. I’ll have to get out the state map for that. It’s evidently in Riverside County. I can’t find it in my San Diego guide or my automobile club maps. I mean, I’ve heard the name before, but I’m not sure where it is in relation to Palomar Mountain and Aguanga and Agua Caliente and all these other places out there in the boondocks.

Please, please, please! Interesting stories but it’d be a lot better with maps. You don’t have to show a lot of detail, maybe like one of those Jerry Schad maps, something like that.

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Our Mongoloid City

When I pick up the Reader (which gratefully is seldom) I am almost forced to agree with Calvin’s idea of total depravity. The Reader IS depravity, seeking to be ever more depraved. But one feature always interests me, and that is “Sheep and Goats,” which is hidden in the middle pages. This week featured Pastor Tim Tiffany, of the University Christian Church.

This reminded me that some twenty years ago I taught a college extension course in the classroom of that church. The students were, of course, all liberals, socialists, and atheists. Pastor Tiffany opines that there is no hell, because that would mean that God has failed. Yet the pastor believes in a heaven where even the depraved and damnable will sit at the banquet of the Lord. It occurs to me that the Lord does not agree with Pastor Tiffany and has explicitly consigned the Pharisees and other hypocrites to hell.

The pastor would do well to read the pages of the Reader where depravity, intellectual stupor, madness, brute hedonism, violence, and abysmal stupidity constitute the pop cultural and much of the so-called intellectual culture of this mongoloid city. It is as if in reading this thing we have indeed arrived in a sci-fi wasteland where evil is good.

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Mama Lucky

It seems Lucky is not only waiter, cook, and cashier, but your mother too (“Tin Fork,” “Famous Breakfast Man,” August 5). Lucky’s musings (“Uh, maybe I’ll have a hotcake, too,” I say. “No, no,” Lucky says. “Wait. You might be too full on the omelet”) recall a visit with my young nieces, who ordered sodas to drink with their breakfast.

“No, no, you’re too young to have soda this early in the day, not good for you, get milk or juice.”

Jaws dropped as he walked back to the kitchen. They took the juice when he returned with our order.

  • Joe Beresford
  • via email

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