• Scott Bellamy
  • via email

Ten-Cent Regret

Re Judy Forman’s desire to see more graffiti and losses in home values (“North Park vs. South Park,” Cover Story, July 22), I certainly hope such comments were taken out of context. If not, she is spitting in the face of her neighbors who (1) have worked very hard to not only buy a home but also take pride in such ownership and (2) patronize her business. One can only assume there now exists a standing invitation to vandalize her establishment with the same enthusiasm she advocates for the rest of the neighborhood. Truly, Ms. Forman must laugh to herself every weekend as the people she so detests line up by the dozens to spend their money. I have lived in South Park for over five years and now regret every dime I ever spent at the Kitchen.

  • David Skilling
  • via email


In Eve Kelly’s column about baby wipes (“Best Buys,” July 22), she mentions a lot of brands of baby wipes, but she made one significant omission. The baby wipes that she mentions cannot be flushed down the toilet. They have to be disposed of manually. On the other hand, the good news is that right next to the Kirkland brand of baby wipes at Costco there’s a display for Cottonelle baby wipes. Cottonelle are made by Kimberly-Clark, makers of Kleenex. These can be flushed down the toilet. They fall apart just like paper. That makes them a lot handier than the ones that cannot be flushed down the toilet.

It’s interesting that she would mention various uses for baby wipes because when Kimberly-Clark first brought out Kleenex, the intended use was to remove cold cream — cleansing cream — from women’s faces, and then it evolved into the product it is today, primarily for blowing one’s nose.

I like Eve Kelly’s column. I was especially grateful when she mentioned that Crosse & Blackwell marmalade could be found down in La Mesa. I don’t like to go all the way down to La Mesa on the trolley, so I make my own in my bread machine — I make my own orange marmalade now. I agree with her — it’s hard to find decent orange marmalade.

  • Downtown Charlie
  • via voice mail

Wrong and Out

I demand a recount, and recognition, for figuring out the Brainstorms for July 22. The instructions clearly stated to count each move of a car for one car length to count as one move, even if a car is moved multiple times. On my entry, I described with arrows the identical moves that were shown in the printed answer. However, I said the answer was “42” moves.

If you look at the printed answer, the last two moves were combined into a single move, “black car right and out.” That was move 41, “black car right,” and move 42, “and out.”

I don’t normally get this persnickety on a puzzle, but I worked hard to count those moves and debated over the meaning of the instructions as to whether that final second move to the right counted as part of 41, or 42 before submitting my answer.

The instructions also say, “...how many moves will be required to extricate the car and drive it from the lot?” I say the 41st move extricates the vehicle and moves it to the position to next drive from the lot, and it took one more move, number 42, to drive from the lot.

I also think any other readers who said 42 should get credit for this one!

  • Carl Baltrunas
  • Milpitas, California


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