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William Lekas
via email

End-User Frustration

I wish to respond to your article regarding right to access by SDG&E published in the Reader (“Sly Smart-Meter Swap-Out,” “City Lights,” April 8).

Your article at first glance was informative, to say the least, if not argumentative. I assume, based on the article in question, that SDG&E is the distribution and retail entity for the region.

As a new arrival to San Diego, I will not be drawn in to the argument of “we don’t do that in the U.S.,” as I have heard so many times since I arrived, but I will make comparative contrast to the point at hand.

Before arriving in the USA, I was employed with Ergon Energy in Australia as a meter reader. Like SDG&E, Ergon has two functions — retail and distribution. Although the network is under governance formally by NEMMCO (now AEMO), their governance is monitored, regulated, and follows the guidelines as amended, such as SDG&E under the California Public Utilities Commission. As employees of Ergon, we had the law and authority as the provider to access your premises within reasonable hours to read, inspect, and maintain assets (section 137).

Although, I totally understand the frustration that end-user experienced in this matter (being on the receiving end of abuse) for SDG&E being on private premises, the electricity meter and associated equipment are the sole property of the electricity entity, and their right to access to read, inspect, or replace is their legal right. Smart meters (demand meters) have been planned in the U.S. for at least ten years that I am aware of. Yes, we even hear of it in Australia!

On the basis of your article (not detailed), I am of the understanding that the meter in question was to be replaced with the new smart meter. If the meter was recorded as faulty, based on same-period accounting, then SDG&E has the right to service that meter. However, in regard to the reinstallation of the new demand meter, their action is deplorable, and I’ll quote from SDG&E’s own webpage at sdge.com/smartmeter/firststep.shtml:

“All SDG&E customers are getting smart meters; it’s not an optional upgrade.…

“SDG&E will notify you by mail a few weeks before your smart meter installation takes place. Either SDG&E or our authorized representative, VSI Meter Services, will be installing the smart meters.”

Based on their own statements above, then, yes, I can totally understand the argument that no notification was given (based on your article).

Name Withheld by Request
via email

Flight 93 Fanatic

Re “For Deora” (“Blurt,” April 8).

How can I get a copy of her music? I am a Flight 93 fanatic.

David Kaplan
via email

Dave Good responds: Deora herself didn’t record any music. In the story, I referred to a song composed by her father, Derrill Bodley, that was recorded by his friend, the jazz legend Dave Brubeck. The song title is “Steps to Peace,” and it appears on Brubeck’s London Flat London Sharp CD.

Clear And Truthful

Re Jehovah’s Witnesses, Bancroft Congregation (“Sheep and Goats,” April 8).

Thank you for clear and truthful reporting. There is one error: there are over 100,000 congregations worldwide.

Thank you once again for the scriptures quoted and sound and clear reasoning as to how they apply.

Irene Swain
via email

Matthew Lickona responds: During his talk, Elder Mike Watts said that over 10,000 congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses were meeting on Nisan Fourteen. That’s where I got the number.

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