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Welcome to the New Age of the Job Search

In these tough economic times, one needs to expand one’s thinking, become flexible to changes in the ways in which a job search is conducted, and open one’s mind to new possibilities. Sounds great, but ...

Find Fun, Adventure (And a Job) in Foreign Lands

Adventure, exotic locations, new languages, and cultural friendships

Remember back when you had a job? Did you used to gaze out the window on company time and dream of running off to live and work in a foreign country? Maybe you’re having a ...

They’ll Know You’re Determined to Succeed

Why One Local Waitress Went Back to School

Sandra Martinez, a 30-year-old mother of two, is back in school. Tell me what you were doing for work two years ago. I was waiting tables at a café in Normal Heights, and I was ...

Are All Degrees Created Equal?

Employers View Online and On-Campus Degrees Differently

Many people with college degrees would willingly trade their diplomas for ones bearing the names Harvard, Stanford, or Columbia University. There is no question of the sex appeal of a big-name university when you go ...

Oceanside loses Parks and Rec budget in the lights

City officials in Oceanside are on the offensive and are searching for ways to save money in its Parks and Recreation budget. One way the city looked to score cash is by raising the fees ...

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