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Enchanted Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Four days, two nights spent boating through majestic Halong Bay is like a dream. Turquoise blue water and giant, dragon-shaped cliff islands covered by jungle forests simply equals magical. There are a million different tour ...

The Wonder Show of the World

Bonnie “Prince” Billy's latest pairs Will Oldham's backwoods bark and Cairo Gang frontman Emmet Kelly's streaming folk and blues guitar. The result is stripped-down folk songs with flourishes of classic-country melodies and gospel harmonies. Oldham's ...

Your Tax Dollars are Being Used to Destroy Irreplaceable Historic Structures

You would think since the housing market has crashed that developers would not be building right now, right? Wrong, now is the best time ever because of something called a "redevelopment agency" and YOUR property ...


Usher may have been the headliner at this eight-artist concert, but Justin Bieber was the reason Cricket Wireless was sold out. Everywhere I looked, pre-pubescent girls were giggling and hopping around in nervous excitement as ...

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