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Parkland Visions

In a complicated land deal, the financially strapped City of Chula Vista borrowed from Peter to pay Paul. The Chula Vista City Council voted on March 2 to purchase 14.4 acres of redevelopment land in ...

Runaway Toyota?

On March 14 at around 3 p.m., a Toyota Avalon hit a fire hydrant in the parking lot of the Albertsons grocery store at the intersection of Marron Road and Cannon. The fire hydrant was ...

Pup Love

A sea lion lay in apparent agony on the sand in Mission Beach near Ormond Court on March 13. At least nine individuals circled the pup. Some snapped photos while others placed calls to the ...

Hip Palm Springs, CA

In a corner of the vast Southern California desert, nestled against scraggly snow-topped peaks with sagebrush trailing in every direction, sits the idyllic enclave of Palm Springs. Nice for Sunday brunch with Grandma, sure, but ...

Pura Vida in Palmar Norte, Costa Rica

I found a cheap room in Palmar Norte and shambled into a soda (cheap Costa Rican eatery) across the street. I had just bicycled about forty miles and could have salted three pounds of pork ...

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