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Making Love With Fear

What's up with the platypus? It's like a duck smeared over a beaver, but then it swims like an otter and, really, what sort of mammal lays eggs, anyway? It's totally ridiculous and probably alien, ...

Still Pretty Alright

About halfway through his engaging summertime set, Kenny Loggins told the people who had gathered to see him at the San Diego County Fair that, given the venue's proximity to MCAS Miramar, "We'll probably have ...

Punk Before You

Fans were growing impatient as the Tubes had allowed 45 minutes to elapse after the long warm-up set by local trio Vacscene. But they hit the stage and made amends by showcasing their stellar rhythm ...


The City of San Diego is trying to sink future "floatilla" events on San Diego waterways by banning anyone in an inner tube from getting inebriated. The raft ragers, sometimes with as many as 6000 ...

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