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Too Poor to Vote?

On July 27, the Chula Vista City Council will revisit four potential ballot propositions to consider placing them before voters in November. The items to be considered are: (1) term limits for the mayor and ...

Why Not?

Float like a butterfly, abrade like sandpaper. Thus, the curious and fascinating dichotomy between band and bandleader on this, Marion Brown's second album for ESP-Disk as a leader. Originally released 42 years ago in '68, ...

Do You Believe in Time Travel?

"Think for yourself. Question authority." The words of Timothy Leary echoed through Viejas Arena as Tool took the stage, letting the expectant crowd know that they'd be blasting off with "Third Eye." The abundance of ...

Fear and Trembling by Søren Kierkegaard

Had Abraham doubted as he stood on the mountain in Moriah, had he looked about in indecision, if before drawing the knife he had accidentally caught sight of the ram and God had allowed him ...

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis

Everyone gladly does whatever he most likes, and likes best those who think as he does; but if God is to dwell among us, we must sometimes yield our own opinion for the sake of ...

Safety Sweep

The mile-long stretch beginning at the intersection of El Cajon Boulevard and Florida Avenue, beneath the blue and red neon "Boulevard" sign, and heading east to 37th Street is a hotspot for prostitution. The boulevard, ...

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