The real lamebrains are the smokers, polluting their ugly butts all over, causing fire hazards by throwing lit ones out the window, and don’t even get me started about them smoking in front of their helpless babies who aren’t able to complain about such things, nor get away from it, the way an adult can at least walk away. Perhaps one day this will be considered child abuse and/or when they grow up they can sue their parents for causing them health problems.

You also asked a question regarding when is it against the law to smoke outside in public. Well, we nonsmokers have been getting together, and that is why you are slowly seeing more towns in California becoming smoke-free, and I believe we’ll continue to see this occur, because there are more of us. Those of us who care about our health or, like me, have allergy symptoms that last all day if I even get one whiff of it from someone passing by, have a right to be heard. We were born into this world breathing clean air, and we have a right to sit at a bus bench or walk down the street and not have to smell or breathe it in. Smokers’ rights do not trump the right to breathe clean air. I cannot just remain in my house all day long. I have places to go, errands to run. I do not deserve the headaches, sore throat, runny nose, nausea, and coughing that I develop from having to smell this stuff in walking down the street or going into a doorway of a business with someone smoking outside it. Being outside does not make a difference. The smoke still reaches me. Especially if there isn’t much wind or if it’s extremely hot or cold out, the effects on me are much worse. I know many people like this. Some ignoramuses ask why don’t you also ban barbecues and car exhaust. Because those things do not cause these symptoms in us.

So it seems to me that you are the actual clown — for being ignorant in thinking that smokers are the majority — and a follower, because from your letter, it sounds like you’re also a smoker, and isn’t that how most people start smoking anyway, by following what the other kids were doing way back when?

That El Cajon law is difficult, however, as there’s no one to enforce it. Perhaps the enforcement will come one day when we majority nonsmokers get together against you smokers. Bring it on. We’ll be there. I’ll be on the front lines.

Name Withheld
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Puzzle Scandal

How did the people with perfect records for the crossword puzzle go up from the previous week? I love doing the puzzle, but I am puzzled at how you are keeping record. I find it hard to believe that there may be a scandal at a San Diego periodical.

Joseph Ciprian
via email

Everyone who submits a correct puzzle is included in the ranking database, so the count increases as correct entries are submitted. However, only the names of the first 100 contenders who submit correct entries and include comments are printed in the paper. The full list of winners, with and without comments, can be viewed on the Reader website at

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