And just for the record — I’m not anti-Yankee at all. Not in the least. Truthfully, I love this country with all my heart. It’s just that certain things really burn me, and this is one of them, simply because it’s wrong and really hinders things rather than helps.

Seriously! The continent is in deep trouble! And as much as we attempt to sweep things under the rug so as to hoodwink the world community at large, needless to say, they’re no fools. They know what time it is and can see what’s going on. We forget — to our own detriment — the sage words of Gabriela Mistral, that Chilean teacher of teachers, in her trenchant paean in favor of a much-needed Pan-Americanism: “¡América y sólo América!

“¡Qué embriaguez para semejante futuro, qué hermosura, qué reinado vasto para la libertad y las excelencias mayores!”

Raul Martinez
via email

Ed Bedford responds: Ye Gods. Raul is right. I totally agree with him. I lecture people on the same thing. Can’t believe I fell into that. By the way, thank the fates Amerigo wasn’t a formal guy. Living in North or South or Latin Vespucciland doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Worth Less

Re “Can Feds Thwart Runaway Pay?” (“City Lights,” November 12).

Can they also thwart the runaway pay of musicians, movie actors, professional athletes, etc., who all earn way too much for what they are worth to society?

Gene Stebley
via email

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Fred Williams Nov. 24, 2009 @ 9:12 p.m.

Re: "Heartfelt Hypothesis"

You're claiming that not believing in God is a relgion. In other words, not having any God is the same as having a God.

Uh huh. Sure.

So not having syphilis and having syphilis are the same too, right?

How about money? Is not having money and being rich the same?

Or intelligence. Some people have no intelligence, like the author of the letter, while other people are smart. Are they the same?

The rest of his (it could only be a male) missive is just a gaggle of Sunday School Bible quotes for children.

He misses other quotes in that book that would really make the children suffer...but that's the nature of religious fanatics. They pick and choose their favorite fantasies, rather than accepting reality.

So, to the coward in Santee who won't use his real name, I sincerely hope you follow ALL the commandments in the Bible, or you should know that you're going straight to hell. Your invisible friend, the angry sky daddy, has decreed this in his word.

But since I know there's probably no God, in fact I'm certain of it, I can rest easy at night just living my life as a rational human being, all grown up and no longer wanting any fairy tales about rib women and talking snakes to give me an illusion of superiority.


Fred Williams Nov. 24, 2009 @ 9:46 p.m.

Fumber, have you considered writing a letter to the editor?


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