Last night became a date to remember in the annals of San Diego homelessness. That said, I did not witness the incident. The information came from others, mainly across the street, on the west side of 9th. I was talking on the phone when I heard breaking glass. I told my friend, hung up the phone & went out on the patio. A young woman hollered at me to call the police. Several others chimed in with descriptions & direction of flight of the man who was responsible for this. I called 911. I remained on my patio and then noticed that someone was removing the window in the apartment directly beneath me! There was shattered glass on the patio of the ground floor apartment. The police arrived. My downstairs neighbor went to talk to them. The police also were talking to others who were volunteering information. I do not have any details, such as what was used, whether it was random or if the culprit knew the persons and specifically targeted that apartment.

What I do know is that this neighborhood seems to be getting more unsafe. There have been more incidents, more police presence, more problems in the past 6 months than in the prior 3 years. The big change is the number of homeless persons. In past years I have made turkey sandwiches & took bunches of grapes & apples out to those homeless who were at the post office & library. I also took Christmas cookies a few times. I cannot do that this year. First of all because I could not begin to have enough for all. Secondly because I fear for my safety if someone did not get what they wanted.

I was advised by Ron, in the Mayor's office that the winter shelter will not open until 12/15. No reason given. Add this to the list of things I just don't understand simply because it does not make sense. In a former job, I was advised by a co-worker that if it makes sense it is not the employer's way! Rule #1, don't try to make sense of things. That is absolutely true in the world of politics.

Ron also explained that there is no going back on the $160,000 feasibility study commissioned by CCDC regarding the Chargers (potential to move downtown). Apparently there was only 1 person at the hearing, to speak out against the proposal. I am on the CCDC mailing list and I do not recall seeing any notification regarding the Chargers. What I do know is that the CCDC ought to be ashamed of passing such a proposal. The City is broke, with a recent suggestion by some advisor to consider bankruptcy. Where is the pro/con list? Would any sane person consider this expenditure to be an essential service? Again, I would like to suggest that CCDC be dissolved and their "services" be handled by the City.

If anyone does have any disposable income and likes to go out to dinner, there are some darn good deals out there. The restaurants are having a hard time filling tables. There are discounted gift cards, 1/2 price bottles of wine, price fixe 3 course meals, etc. Some websites to check out:


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