There was and is a link on, as I told him when I was interviewed for the story.

I would appreciate a correction.

Steve Vaus
via email

Ken Leighton responds: Mr. Vaus is correct, and I regret the error.

Real Reality

William Sladack’s letter (“String ’Em Up,” November 12) says nice things about Don Bauder that I agree with. Other than that, “Stringers” does not warrant such criticism, as it is real news written by real people, not “fake” news written by media propagandists. The whole idea is to publish stories of interest to only one neighborhood. Regarding his mention of hedonism, that’s the one thing that makes the world not hell. Has he ever considered publishing his own newspaper? Then reporters can be forced to write whatever he wants. Too much of that already in San Diego and worldwide. Not enough real news stringers.

John Kitchin
via email

A Snob To The Core

Madam Barbarella,

Top ten reasons you are a snob.

You assume in “Wine Snobs” (“Diary of a Diva,” November 12) that one can be snobbish about one thing (in this case wine) yet not be snobbish in all things. I disagree.

If a person is an insufferable, arrogant, pontificating ass, it is an intrinsic condition that manifests in all matters of opinion or discussion.

Your friend Andrew was dead-on: “Snobs are people who take things too seriously.” May I add, especially themselves.

Your friend Kelly also hit the mark, “Snobs are easy to spot because they feel compelled to impart their knowledge on the uneducated.”

Note that neither of them restricted their comments to any single focus of human interest.

You conclude after faulty rationalization that you and David are not snobs… (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

I propose, therefore, to put your claimed salt-of-the-earth status to the following test. In it, I tried to emphasize wine, since that was the original topic, but I also felt free to draw upon other comments from your article as seemed appropriate and germane. So here we go: the top ten reasons you may be a snob.

You are a snob if you:

1. Own any wine accessory other than a common corkscrew.

2. Read/memorize droll things to say about a wine, generally imputing human-character traits, e.g., bold, impudent, cheeky, etc.

3. Use the word “bouquet” when describing a wine. In fact, you’re a snob if you ever feel the need to describe a wine with more than “Good,” “Mmmm,” or a nod of the head.

4. Eschew Two Buck Chuck. How gauche!! Never mind the fact that it’s won several prestigious blind taste-test awards.

5. Make a big deal in restaurants about testing cork, color, nose, legs, you name it. Of course, sending a bottle back is prima facie evidence of snobbery (boorishness).

6. Know the sommelier’s (suhm-uhl-YEY) cup is a tastevin (tahst-VAHN).

7. Memorize the above factoids (including pronunciation) to dazzle the ignorant at some later opportunity.

8. Feel immensely superior to anyone having high school education or less.

9. Ditto the poor dumb bastards in the Red States.

10. Refer to yourself as a diva.

Madam, I rest my case. You and David are snobs of the first order.


E. Dunne
via email

More from SDReader


Ponzi Nov. 19, 2009 @ 7:11 a.m.

For years I have enjoyed Ed Bedford’s writing in the Tin Fork column. His story “México” (Cover Story, November 12) shared his wonderful talent as a writer and story teller. I hope we are treated to more feature stories from Ed.


magicsfive Nov. 19, 2009 @ 10:17 a.m.

it is a well known fact already that barb and david are snobs. your point? no offense barb and david...i know you like it that way :)


SDaniels Nov. 19, 2009 @ 10:40 a.m.

magics, I think the irony here is that this person is doing exactly what s/he abhors, arrogantly forcing on us THE definition of a snob in ten-point style. I think the whole thing is really tongue-in-cheek.

Anway, it's pretty banal to use "bouquet" when discussing a wine, and knowing that the sommelier's cup has a name in French--who cares? It's a random fact that doesn't go far.

"Two Buck Chuck" might have won a taste test or two, but who can evaluate that swill from case to case, as it is completely inconsistent? Fred Franzia just dumps any grapes he can buy at discount into the pot, and whatever comes out ends up being the 'Two Buck' blend.

E. Dunne does have a point, already made by folk in Barb's column--a person who FORCES his/her superior knowledge on others without being open for discussion, or attempting to create conversation--that is, someone who cannot interact or take in new information him/herself, but just lectures to others, comes closer to the definition of a snob than someone who knows a few facts about wine, and is ready to share them in a conversation about wine. As I wrote in Barbs' column, it is only when someone uses knowledge to intimidate others that we are dealing with a negative situation--anyone who is automatically intimidated and angered by someone imparting information might be called a 'putz' ;)


magicsfive Nov. 19, 2009 @ 10:54 a.m.

i know...i meant it in a most good natured way :)i know NOTHING about know how much i hate it lol...


SDaniels Nov. 19, 2009 @ 11:53 a.m.

vodka and cran coming right up, ma'am! ;)


magicsfive Nov. 19, 2009 @ 12:11 p.m.

;) nothin like a friend who really knows you :)


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