Disappearing Don

I have a question. What happened to Don Bauder’s column? We’ve looked forward to it ever since he came to your paper, and the last few weeks he hasn’t been there. Please let me know what the situation is.

Norman Cooper

Don Bauder has been on vacation. His column will return next week. — Editor

Turtle Power

I was saving Nasreen Atassi’s article (“Searching for San Diego’s Sea Turtles…and a Job,” Cover Story, April 30) to read because as soon as I started it, I could feel the aliveness, which I don’t feel with many other features of the Reader. I appreciated the juxtaposition of Nasreen’s personal story with the story of the turtles — trying to find a way or a place to be at home “just outside of one’s range,” or better yet, a way to swim inside the “power,” despite the constraints of family, society, etc. I can relate. Maybe part of Nasreen’s path is not belonging, not fitting in, and somehow articulating that experience. Thank you, perhaps I am not so alone in feeling so alone.

Incidentally, I just read the nasty comments of one reader, who obviously cannot understand what it is to be a creative young woman. I call Nasreen courageous for exposing her inner life as she did. There is delight and power in quitting a job. Perhaps this man is jealous. The world needs Nasreen. May her contributions be received and honored.

Name Withheld
La Jolla

Turtle Love

Congratulations and thanks to Miss Atassi for a most enjoyable story (“Searching for San Diego’s Sea Turtles…and a Job,” Cover Story, April 30). I had a few good laughs and was very surprised to learn about having turtles here in San Diego. Sea turtles are so majestic, and anyone who has swum alongside one of them or seen them knows how beautiful they are. I lived in Kona for a few years and grew very fond of the turtles there, swimming with them on an almost daily basis. Now I look forward to going to see them here. Thank you, Reader, and again to Miss Atassi, and best wishes to you on your journey.

Thomas Felcan

Xtreme Meets White Skull

Behold, San Diego Reader, and tremble before the wrath of the White Skull! Listen well: I am the White Skull; where Mr. Xtreme (“San Diego’s Superhero,” Cover Story, April 16) created the power vacuum of being a “real-life hero,” so-called, I fill that vacuum with pure dastardly evil! Here are my simple demands: I want Mr. Xtreme to know that his days of do-gooding are numbered; I want him to know that as long as he wears a mask and does his little routine, so shall I! I want nothing less than the complete and utter end of his extracurricular activities, and I will go to whatever lengths necessary to ensure that those demands are met! Beware, Mr. Xtreme; you have brought this on yourself!

The White Skull

Tiny Type Troubles

I’ve been a Reader fan for years, and I know it’s important for you to keep publishing costs down, but your reduction in the size of fonts you use has become excessive, making the publication literally unreadable. Way too small and light. Please help us to keep enjoying your publication.

Name Withheld
via email

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Robert Johnston May 29, 2009 @ 3:33 p.m.

Just finished perusing another issue of your weekly offerings. The lead story was cool, but I feel that a few comments about past stories (and one of this week's letters) are in order.

  1. After I read the story by the young lass combining her views on her former jobs (and her views on the workaday world in general) with a search for sea turtles off the San Diego Coast (as well as some of the past comments regarding said article)? Frankly, young lady, I seriously doubt that your former employers appreciated your tart-tounged attitude about working in their establishments. Try to realize that being employed may stink sometimes (worse than that "wasted sushi" in fact), but in this day-and-age, those that can turn a job that's chicken-bleep into chicken-and-dumplings tend to do better at their line-of-work. Also, try to stick to one topic in a story, and make sure all aspects fit into the storyline. Switching back-and-forth between two topics in the same story is not only confusing, but also makes the story unreadable to begin with.

And as for that letter from "The White Skull" regarding Mr. Xtreme? Hey, man...your letter was neither funny, nor worth the space the Reader gave it! There is more than enough evil on this here planet without the likes of you trying to pull a third-rate Lex Luthor act and lashing out in that manner! You want to act like a total pinhead...don't be too surprised if somebody calls you out. And as for the "Mr. Xtreme" story itself? I thought Ollie was 86'ed from your paper to begin with! Something reeked about this story, and when I saw who worte it at the end? It's no small wonder that Mr. Xtreme isn't either in the Central Jail or at CMH-Rosecrans, courtesy of the SDPD! Quality Control, folks--that's what you need to use more of when selecting your articles! Having said my say, I bid you Good Day! LPR48619


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