Baron Von Preuss
Paradise Hills

DUI Problem Solved

I loved your article by Ollie in your March 5 publication (“Waste time. Save money. Ride the bus!” Cover Story). I, like Ollie, am interested in changing San Diego’s public transit. Months ago I wrote letters to the members of the city council on the subject, and the only person to reply was Donna Frye. I agree with Ollie; in light of today’s economy and the gloomy future for gas prices, why isn’t our City doing anything to make more public transportation? Public transportation is beneficial to the environment and creates jobs, something that could deter the climbing unemployment figures.

Public transportation could be a solution to many of our problems (economy, environment), but a third which I didn’t see Ollie cover in his story really grabs my attention. We all know the recent rampage that law enforcement officers and educators alike go on to prevent DUIs (they stop short of public stonings). While the City must enjoy the revenue it gets from the steep fines that come with DUIs, a 24-hour public transit system could benefit the city by actually preventing drinkers from driving with a reliable alternative: public transportation. When considering how much the City (and State) spends on drinking-and-driving education, billboards, and cheesy commercials, you might be safe to say that the City is wasting its money when a great alternative is waiting to be harvested. I almost want to see if they have an “anti-referral card” for those who obtained DUIs, with questions like “Which programs failed to educate you on the dangers of drinking and driving?”

I hope that this article helped San Diegans see that we need more public transit. If anyone would like to start a group for public transportation advocacy, please email me at [email protected]

Andrew Farwell
via email

The Weasel Did It

Regarding the murder of Dr. Phillip Rand’s wife, Tamara Rand, a correction is in order (Letters, March 5).

In both the book and movie Casino, the murder of Tamara Rand was carried out by Tony “the Ant” Spilotro (played by Joe Pesci) in her Mission Hills home. She had apparently made the mistake of threatening Allen Glick (played by Kevin Pollak) that she would disclose to the authorities that he (Glick) was just a front man for the mob in Las Vegas — therefore her elimination.

If you read Jimmy “the Weasel” Fratianno’s biography you will hear that he (Jimmy “the Weasel”) actually performed the hit on a warm, sunny weekday at her and Dr. Rand’s Mission Hills home.

The truth? Who knows? But in any case, Frank “the Bomp” was rubbed out in an alley in Pacific Beach.

Greg Gardner
via email

Cover Story Red Herring

Thom Hogan from the College Area was right (Letters, March 12). I thought the cover story (“Waste time. Save money. Ride the bus!” March 5) meant that Ollie was back. I am also disappointed that the Reader editor, or whoever is in charge of human resources, hasn’t responded to those of us who want to see his column return and for him to be rehired. Get rid of know-it all Duncan Shepherd to make room for our Beloved Ollie!

Michelle Hauptsbrau
via email

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