I don’t think America would be better off if we forced everybody to travel on the McJet.

Fred George
Bay Park

Seeking Smith

Jeff Smith’s work on theater features, reviews, and history columns are the reason I seek out the Reader. Thank you for him!

Linda Libby
via email

You Missed The Mission

In response to your “Sheep and Goats” article regarding Pastors Sergio and Georgina De La Mora of Cornerstone Church of San Diego (January 29).

With all due respect it was apparent that your purpose to visit Cornerstone was not to receive God’s word but simply to write this article; an article that lacked meaning and insight, which this church lacks none of. Your piece of about 95% quotations was neither informative nor descriptive of the true purpose of my church. Our pastors and church leaders have made it their mission to turn the hearts of families to God, to develop our God-given potential and to advance in the kingdom of God. If we lack tradition, we sure have made up for it in creative and inspirational ways to spread the true message of a church. It’s never too late to start new traditions.

So I invite you, Mr. Lickona, to return to Cornerstone with a different purpose. Come with an open mind and heart remembering those dark valleys you have walked through in your life and instead of drudging through them how great it would have been to be carried through them. I hope that on your next visit you will see and experience the passion of our church from our energetic, Spirit-filled pastor to the 3000 souls, enthusiastically ready to receive their spiritual gift.

Sophia Martinez
via email

I Miss The King

Every week, the first (and sometimes the only) articles I read were “Remote Control King,” “Best Buys,” and “Tin Fork.” I’m sorry to see that column go. It was usually weird but also usually entertaining and funny. Maybe you’ll bring it back?

via email

Highlight Disappears

May I add my voice to the many, many others who are lamenting the (involuntary) departure of Ollie. His column (“Remote Control King”) was indeed the highlight of the Reader each week. Clever, irreverent, funny…Ollie! We miss you!

via email

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Fred Williams Feb. 27, 2009 @ 9:41 a.m.

Sophia Martinez has been so polluted by her religion that she doesn't know the difference between proselytizing and journalism.

Grow up, girl. You want the journalist to have such an open mind that his brain falls out.

That's YOUR job as a deluded "worshiper". The job of a journalist is to describe what he actually sees, not what he aspires to experience.

How childish and insecure are the religious among us. I pray everyday that the stain of religion will be removed from this world and that all the Sophias of the world will live up to their names and start loving wisdom instead of bronze age mythology.

Outraged and angry evangelical Christians are SO funny...it's too bad they've been running our country into the ground and shaming themselves with their bigotry and hatred.

Time to grow up, Sophia. Your angry sky god doesn't exist, and you're wasting your time in this "mission".

Try taking a few science classes instead. You have a lot to learn about the world...especially the difference between fact-based reporting and faith-based preaching.


JulieParrots March 1, 2009 @ 7:39 p.m.

Sniff, sniff... I miss reading the HILARIOUS Remote Control King. :( Maybe someday Ollie will write back, if not for the reader than another forum.


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