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Didn’t See That Track?

This letter is in response to Dr. Mitchell Holland’s letter titled “Train Pain” (January 22), where he complains about freight trains downtown at 3:00 a.m. running past their chic building with the deaf conductor at the helm of the train. He wonders if anyone else notices — or he thanks you for noticing (“Where Can I Get Some Peace and Quiet?” Cover Story, January 15). I’ve got a better question. When he went down there and looked at this wonderful, nice, big, huge pricey million-dollar building, did he fail to look at the neighborhood, the grounds? It’s pretty hard to miss a train track running a few feet from your building.

I get so tired of people who move into places where buildings are built, whether it be next to a hog farm, a Marine air base, a regular airport, a train track, what have you, and they suddenly complain about the noise, like this item suddenly sprung up overnight by some construction elves. I grew up in the country next to trains. They’re pretty noisy. I’m sure that during his lifetime, he’s run across train intersections and had to stop and wait for trains. I’m sure he was well aware of the noise when he was at the intersection.

Somewhere you’d think that life would prevail on these people and they’d say, Hmm, maybe living next to a train track — just a few feet — might not be good at 3:00 a.m. Hmm, maybe living next to a hog farm you might have insects or smells. Hmm, maybe living next to an airport or a military base might have some noise repercussions.

Stop blaming the people who were already there. You knew it was there when you bought the property. Stop complaining about it. Stop crying, get over it, buy some earplugs, deal with it.

Chaos Rabbit

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genoz Feb. 4, 2009 @ 5:04 p.m.

Just why did we not purchase generators made in the USA? (see article attached).

Steam generators en route to San Onofre nuclear power plant...The first two mushroom-shaped generators, each 65 feet long, arrived at the Port of Long Beach from Kobe, Japan.


basilisk Feb. 5, 2009 @ 12:21 a.m.


Good letter. As a 61 year old black man that grew up in deep south Mississippi, and now living in North Park, it really bothers me about black-on-black crime. This is what Martin Luther King and others were talking about when they said "WE SHALL OVERCOME." Maybe we will get it right one day.

Chaos Rabbit,

I totally agree with you. If you live next to the train tracks, you get the noise.


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