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“After the Chargers started to win some football games,” says Patrick Bernard of SD reggae act High Tide, “it was time to bring out our playoff song, ‘Chargers on a Roll.’ ” On January 3, band members Chris Murray and Forest were cruising the parking lot at Qualcomm Stadium passing out free CDs with the song.

Sample lyric: “We got Chris Chambers on the left/ Vincent Jackson on the right/ Let the Rivers flow or just hit Gatesy all night.”

Around that time, local rapper Young Mass posted his own Charger-fan football song “Never a Touchdown” on MySpace:

“Say bitch!/ you might get a field goal out of this/ but never a touchdown/ never a touchdown.”

“We sent the single to Chargers defensive co-captains Shawne Merriman and Jamal Williams,” says Mass collaborator 40ozChris. “We thought it would be a great song to pump up the defense before games or at halftime, but we never heard back. We also sent it to local sports-talk radio station 1090, to the morning-show team of Scott Kaplan and Billy Ray Smith, thinking they could use the track when they interviewed Charger players. No response there either.

“We tried cutting a radio-edit version,” says 40ozChris, “with some creative effects inserted in place of the explicit content — more interesting than bleeping-out or silencing. But, I guess with lines about girls putting their ‘backfield in motion,’ I’m thinking even the radio-edit was too sexed-up for the Chargers or the radio station. But we had to put it out there. For the team!”

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Jay Allen Sanford Feb. 5, 2009 @ 12:03 a.m.

Young Mass recorded “Never a Touchdown” while editing the Sex and the Studio 2 DVD, for which he produced most of the soundtrack.

High Tide's acoustic EP Not for Profit was released in 2006. Their debut album Play Me Reggae engineered by Bob Trumpet, includes guest players Daddy Scotty (Chapter 11), Coot Dog (Mystic Roots), Baby Mouse, and NoNeedz.

Their song “Ban the Ban” is aimed at repealing San Diego’s ban on liquor at the beach.

Also worth mentioning about High Tide is that they were finalists in both the Del Mar Fair Battle of the Bands and the San Diego Vans Warped Tour Battle of the Bands. They finished in the top three on July 4th '08 at Del Mar and emerged victorious in the Vans Battle, which granted them a chance to headline the Ernie Ball Stage at the San Diego stop during the '08 Warped Tour.


40ozChris Feb. 5, 2009 @ 12:13 p.m.

Snatch up Mass' 2008 San Diego Music Award nominated CD at iTunes or: http://cdbaby.com/cd/youngmass

Young Mass' song "Never A Touchdown" features Feeze, and Digital Underground's Money-B. Peep the track at his MySpace: www.myspace.com/massterpiece


SpliffAdamz_ Feb. 6, 2009 @ 9:30 a.m.

Was I not lying about SD bandwagon charger fans. In your opening line by Patrick Bernard he says " after the chargers started to win football games , it was time to bring out the playoff song". Come on people how can you consider yourself a charger fan if you wait until they beat the colts to put your song out about the team. Patrick Bernard and Young Mass totally represent what a bandwagon fan is. Where was your charger song when they were 4-8 , or at the beginning of the season? Instead you lame ass fake fans wait until they beat the colts to cruise around the Jack Murphy stadium to hand that trash out. 'Chargers on a roll' get real , it should be called 'We rep the chargers only when they are winning' Then to put a song on myspace called 'Never a Touchdown'. Wow , how about you call it ' Can we stop giving up Touchdowns'. If I was Shawn Merriman or Jamal Williams I wouldn't play that trash either. Then you try and send it to the biggest bandwagon fans in Dago. Sports talk radio 1090 with Scott Kaplan and Billy Ray Smith. OF course they won't respond they aren't even charger fans , they are just sports analyst. Plus I know for a fact they don't even like Hip Hop music , so you send it to them. I sent in a article to the reader about these bandwagon fans in SD a few weeks ago that never got posted. I guess people are afraid of the truth!!! Now you put in the music section confiming what I said. That SD is the city of bandwagon hopping fans!!!!!


40ozChris Feb. 7, 2009 @ 9:32 p.m.

When teams are losing, you just dont get songs. I bet the players get more pussy, free drinks, and endorsement deals when winning too, ya dig? Winning is good for all.

XX1090's Scott Kaplan and Billy Ray Smith teamed up with local musicians Skanic(Ska), 619(Cover Band), and Tony Corleone(Hip-Hop - YES, Hip-Hop) in the past for there live House Of Blues Charger partys, and interviewd the groups on the radio, a good look!

As for the future of the Chargers, this would be my plan for next year...

Release Tomlinson, use the money to Franchise Rivers, sign Sproles, and rent an O-Linman for a year. Draft your RB of the future. CHANGE TO A PASS FIRST TEAM!!!! Run with Sproles & Bennett.

Release/boot Olshansky, use the money to rent a DB for a year. Draft your DE of the future. Take full advantage of Merriman's last year as a Charger. Trust that a full healthy year of Cooper, Williams, and Cromarty in combination with a full year of coach Rivera will rock that funky joint on D!

*Play Young Mass' song "Never A Touchdown" when ever the other team enters the red zone!


SpliffAdamz_ May 26, 2009 @ 10:59 a.m.

No , when the chargers are losing you don't have songs or fans. Songs and fans of the chargers only come out when they are winning!! And that's your plan to release tomlinson?? Chris stay off the 40oz!!! The only reason the sorry chargers are winning now is because of tomlinson or you haven't notice that yet?? And how much more pussy can you get when you already gettin all the pussy?? If they are winning or losing players get pussy , because women know they got money!!


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