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At the December 1 Coronado City Council meeting, members rolled out some new regulations regarding the rental requirements of Segways. While all councilmembers agreed that regulations were needed and that the devices should be kept off of the sidewalks on the city's main strip, Orange Avenue, Mayor Casey Tanaka wanted to revise the age requirement to rent the devices, proposing that renters should be at least 18 years old instead of the staff-recommended age of 16.

"I still strongly prefer 18," said Tanaka during council discussion. "People who are 16 and 17 are just as likely to be zooming through the town. It's because they are not accompanied that they are emboldened to do things that get the police calls."

After Tanaka's statement, councilwoman Carrie Downey asked why issuing 16-year-olds driver's licenses is acceptable but allowing them to rent a Segway is not.

"There is a lot more regulation that goes into driving a car than riding a Segway," answered Tanaka.

First-term councilmember Michael Woiwode disagreed with Tanaka's suggestions of age and weight restrictions. "What are we going to do, ask the police to stop people who look like they are 90 pounds and weigh them?" Asked Woiwode. "We're talking about something that's not going to be enforced...then why bother with it. The real enforcement is going to come from the people who rent the equipment. It's us trying to micromanage something that is not City business."

Woiwode made a motion to amend the ordinance by prohibiting minors under the age of 16 from renting Segways without adult supervision and striking the weight requirement from the ordinance. That motion passed unanimously, despite Mayor Tanaka's objections.

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medinasoo Dec. 30, 2009 @ 8:44 p.m.

I hate those things and once had to jump into oncoming traffic on Sunset Cliffs Blvd in order to avoid getting mowed down by one. Lamest. Idea. Ever.


SegGliders Dec. 31, 2009 @ 12:22 a.m.

So what you’re telling me is the City of San Diego has decided to violate the Federal law and the Department of Justice by disallowing the use of an Assistive Device in the pedestrian way? So if I opened a shop that just rented wheel chairs on Orange Ave the city would create a law that said I can only rent to people that are 16 and over?

This is the problem with people like Medinasoo who want to comment on items. I had to jump out of the way, I’m sure it was since you where to busy texting someone on your phone and then found yourself nose to nose with no time to move since you had not looked up in 300 steps. Zooming what at 10 MPH are you joking have you read an impact study or seen any figures that outline the speed of travel on an average sidewalk?

Joggers 8-9 MPH less than 10% over 11 MPH Bikes 13-15 MPH less than 10% over 22 MPH less than 5% over 24 MPH Walkers 3-4 MPH less than 20% over 5 MPH and less than 10% over 5.5 MPH less than 5% over 6 MPH How about jogers with strollers will you ban them next, yes we know this is your sidewalk, your rights, not others.

If theme parks like Universal Studios will allow Segway's in a dense and small area, and the sidewalks are correctly built to ADA guidelines how is that San Diego has such a problem.

If we agree with it or not the Segway PT is an assistive device and under that issue, who is allowed to regulate the use, since under title 2 and 3 as an equipment renter you cannot ask why they need it only if. That alone leaved it up to the person to decide for themselves.

Yes we all understand that the Segway PT is fun and that most people are not renting them for the use of a disability or impaired mobility. So who is to police this, even the police cannot ask if you are disabled or for proof for that matter.

Public space is just that public not private and even private space has been forced to allow Segway use. I.E. Malls, stores, parks, stadiums, and so on.

End result so if my son who is 14 comes on holiday with me, he cannot rent a segway in San Diego although he owns his own. I would love to see the headline 14 year old stopped on Orange Ave. for Segway use, oh get this he is disabled and uses it day to day to improve his mobility. Under ADA no one can deny access to any Assistive Device.

Tread softly, remember just because you think you can does not mean you legally can. Laws like this violate civil rights and under those Federal Laws are painful outcomes.


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