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Santa Cruz

Children Not Thinking

I called the Reader. It’s under Letters, “We’ve Been Warned” (September 11). I wasn’t talking about “They Think They’re in Love”; I was talking about the tourism in Tijuana, death and destruction. But since we’re on the subject of this past week’s cover story of “They Think They’re in Love” (September 11), I think that every parent needs to read that. But what I just couldn’t understand is how the roving reporter would be asking these young teenagers questions like this and how they would answer. But it does make us think about what our children are thinking about and what they are not thinking about. And to the young man who says nothing has happened yet and he’s not protecting himself or herself, it’s just a matter of the next time. And if you think it’s easy raising a child, it’s not. The world is filled with children who don’t have anyplace to go and no one to talk to, because with age comes wisdom. Just because God allows your body to give birth doesn’t make you a parent.

Name Withheld

Gray, Gray, Gray

Hey, John Brizzolara (“T.G.I.F.,” September 11), you should hug trees that aren’t odd too. They all need love.

“This Is Not a Ghetto” is a great article (Feature Story, September 11). I live in a neighborhood that’s old enough that you can paint your house any color you want, and I love that. But even so, people keep painting their houses gray, and I think it’s awful depressing. We get people shot around here, but not as often. My daughter lives in a place with a homeowners’ association, and you have to have either a beige house or a gray house. I was on the street, and there’s nothing but gray cars, black cars, white cars, and the occasional red or yellow. It’s getting so boring.

P.S.: In response to the person who’s younger than me who likes Lawrence Welk (Letters, September 11), I have to apologize. I was a teenager going through a rough spot when I was forced to listen to Lawrence Welk, so I probably have my prejudices there. That person withheld their name — I don’t know why they’re ashamed of liking Lawrence Welk. But I do like PBS; I just don’t like Lawrence Welk.

Dale Anne Thompson

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MarkScha Sept. 24, 2008 @ 12:05 p.m.

Plastic bags do burn but emit smoke and toxins, unless the fire's temperature is high. Bags dropped off for recycling are washed, dissolved in solvent (whose emission is controlled, to avoid pollution and waste) and made into new plastic items.


richinsd Dec. 6, 2008 @ 8:54 a.m.

Instead of banning plastic supermarket bags in the city, how about regulations on plastic bags? What about dog and cat poop? What about the convenience of plastic bags and all the uses so many of us have found for plastic bags. What is the trade off? What is forever? Lets get back to reality of life and who we really are. The reality is we are here now and we must live our lives now. In order to do that we need plastic bags. Yes, plastic bags who environmentalists state will never die.

That is Bull my friend, everything in the universe dies in one form or another. Little bits of tiny plastic bits created as time diminishes a plastic bag. That is reality.


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