The patrons like to park their cars in the quiet residential neighborhood to the north of the avenue because of the false sense of security it gives them. The difference in the areas to the south and north of Adams Avenue is palpable. On the north side are neat and tidy single-family homes with well-maintained yards. To the south of the avenue, the 4600 block of 30th Street is blighted. The sidewalks are filthy, the street is torn up, and the City ignores repeated requests for repairs and improvements. Drug dealers hang out in the parking lot across from the bar. In broad daylight I have been solicited by heroin dealers. Prostitutes cruise the street.

The unsavory crowd catered to by Air Conditioned has the perception that they are safer parking on the north side of the avenue, both from police patrols looking for drunks driving away at 2:00 a.m. and from the dark, unlit areas to the south where criminals of opportunity await.

At midnight on July 14, 2007, I was awakened by a series of gunshots followed by the screaming of the wounded and dying victims of just such a criminal who followed a couple from the bar to their car parked two doors from my bedroom window. They were both shot after handing over their money. In August, a drunk driver jumped his pickup onto the sidewalk across the street from my house, crashing into a signpost, a tree, and a parked car before fleeing on foot. He was arrested hiding under a staircase in his parents’ house.

Since summer 2004, I rarely am able to sleep through the night between Thursday and Sunday. My work performance has suffered because of frequent exhaustion. Howling drunks stumble down my street at closing time, get into their cars, and drive away drunk, sometimes smashing into cars parked in front and in back. The latest insult has been the shooting in the alley behind the bar. Even though a block away, it goes to show that this place continues to attract the wrong element to our neighborhood.

My neighbors and I are working to establish a Neighborhood Watch chapter. We will continue to document the unacceptable behaviors the patrons of this bar bring with them into our neighborhood. In nearby Normal Heights, neighbors were successful in closing down Kindred Spirits, a bar that brought similar problems to their neighborhood. The owner of Air Conditioned should see the writing on the wall and look for a more suitable location. The large footprint of his business has outstripped the ability of this neighborhood to accommodate it. It’s time for him to move on before a local resident is caught in the crossfire. After all that has happened here since summer 2004, he stands to be held liable civilly the next time someone dies as a result of the crime Air Conditioned attracts. The documentation continues to grow.

Name Withheld by Request
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Crash Forgotten

While informative, how could “Life under the Flight Path” (Feature Story, August 21) be written without a single mention of the crash of PSA Flight 182 on September 25, 1978? Up to that point in time, it was the deadliest plane crash in U.S. history, and it doesn’t even warrant a mention in the article? I hope next month there’s a 30th-anniversary article story titled “Death under the Flight Path” that honors the 144 people who died in PSA 182.

Mark Rafferty
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In regards to the article “Greetings from Tijuana,” August 7 (Cover Story). A number of people have written in with their solutions, and I see the solution is a spiritual one. In the Tanach/Old Testament, 2 Chronicles 7:14 is the solution for Tijuana, the United States, and the whole world, which is besieged with moral cancer, as far as I’m concerned. It says, “If My people who are called by My name will repent from their evil ways and immorality and seek My face, I will heal their land.”

Name Withheld By Request

Wise Choice

Thank you, Reader, for introducing Royal India to us in a review by Naomi Wise on August 21.

I always try restaurants reviewed by Naomi. Upon entering and walking from underneath the arches, we sat closer to the waterfall. It was fabulous. Magnificent ambiance.

I like my food to be flavorful and tried rogan josh, mango soup, and garlic nan at Royal India after reading the article, and it was fantastic. Hats off to Royal India. Tenderness in meat and flavors were fantastic. My friend Angela tried chicken tikka masala, and she said she loved it too.

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Kids Love Indian

Visiting from Chicago we were looking for a good restaurant in San Diego, and an article in the Reader popped up about Royal India (Restaurant Review, August 21), and it was good. We are not so fond of Indian food. After a whole day on the beach in Coronado, we decided to go to Royal India in the Gaslamp of downtown San Diego. Royal India is a beautiful Indian restaurant. The decor is very elegant. It looks like the designer did a fantastic job on it. It’s a designer restaurant.

My kids ordered mango-pineapple curry served with rice. John and I ordered spicy lamb rogan josh and wine garlic curry with chicken.

My kids loved it so much that Julia said Indian food in Chicago does not taste the same. This is really good. This is delicious, Mommy. It’s better than pasta.

Our lamb rogan josh was very flavorful with tender meats, and we had it with onion naan. Chicken garlic naan was fantastic. We never had that dish in any Indian restaurant before.

All I want to say is that my family enjoyed Royal India the most during our stay in San Diego. Next time Royal India will be the reason to visit San Diego. It was really delicious. The only reason I am writing is that I am so happy because my kids finished the whole dish, and in Chicago they do not even want to go to Indian restaurants.

Fantastic experience and it’s amazing — the best meal during our visit to San Diego was at Royal India.

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Josh Board Sept. 3, 2008 @ 11:12 p.m.

Did anyone get a T-shirt for something John B wrote in his column? I'm not sure if it would qualify as a typo. But he mentioned a soda that he loved as a kid. And says something like "Nothing is better. Not booze, or Royal Crown Soda." was Royal Crown Soda that he initially mentioned, so I think he meant to write another beverage there.


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