Jewphobes are predictable and post their crap at every opportunity. First, the United States is not afraid of Israel, but the USA is afraid of Saudi Arabia.

Second, some states in the USA have the death penalty, but not all of them. Why blame the entire nation?

Third, capital punishment was abolished in Israel in 1954 with the exceptions of conviction for treason during a time of war and genocide. We know how Jewphobes love to twist the term “genocide.” They play that one often. Israel has not carried out an execution since June 1, 1962, when Adolf Eichmann was justifiably executed. Jewphobes are about as ignorant as they are hate-filled.

As most Jewphobes do, Foss focused on Israel and left out the following countries in the region and North Africa that have the death penalty: Algeria, Chad, Egypt (rape, murder, treason, and organized drug trafficking), Ethiopia, Libya (high treason, attempting to forcibly change the government, and murder), Morocco, Bahrain, Brunei, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestinian Authority, Qatar, Saudi Arabia (murder, apostasy, drug offenses, witchcraft, and sexual offenses — usually by beheading), Syria, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

Spare us the bull**** and keep your hatred to yourself. If Foss hates Jews, fine. Just don’t hide behind the “I am only anti-Israel” bull****. Most Jews could give a rat’s *** what she thinks (if she thinks).

Besides, polls are worthless. Ask someone something they know nothing about and you will get an opinion. Most Americans polled don’t know how many U.S. troops have been killed in Iraq. Also, Israel does divulge information, and any moron knows that they have nukes (a good thing).

Michael Fuentes
via email

The Washed Brain

Dear Ms. Edna Foss (Letters, March 20),

Most newspapers are brainwashing machines, and most people who read newspapers daily are brainwashed. They think it’s their own opinion, but it’s really the newspapers’ and the magazines’. The threat to world peace exists because the U.S. and Europe continue to let anyone and everyone into their lands. Terrorism hurts us from within our own borders. They can’t blow us up if they don’t get in, and we also wouldn’t have the excuse or reason (whichever you believe) to go stomping around in foreign lands.

Of course Europe will point the finger at the U.S. for threatening world peace. They’re brainwashed by socialism (as the U.S. is by consumerism), and if you look around in Europe (especially France) you’ll notice quite a bit of Islamics. Offending them has proven to cause riots and fatalities.

If Europe offends the U.S. it brings insults from George Bush, and that’s about it.

As for the U.S. being afraid of Israel, it’s more like we’re in bed with Israel. If you haven’t noticed, Judaism has a lot of influence and power in this nation. That’s just a simple fact. We will rub their back just the way a newspaper will rub the back of the people that it’s in bed with.

Anyway, you could replace the state of Israel with the People’s Republic of Ocean Beach and they’d probably still blow it up. The Middle East has always been on fire no matter who’s stomping around.

As far as the death penalty, what’s the matter with it? If we can have abortion we can have the death penalty. I think the U.S., Israel, and the rest of the world outside of Europe practice the death penalty, Ms. Foss. Interesting the people your type always feels sorry for don’t practice the virtues you believe in.

Tell me, have you ever seen smiles in communist nations, and would you like to be a woman in the Middle East?

Socialists always think they occupy the higher moral ground, but all they are is brainwashed, weak, and in possession of a strange logic process. On a special note, this letter is anonymous because my name is irrelevant.

Name Withheld
via email

Little Battle

Regarding your story on the Copley Press (“The Rise and Fall of the Copley Press,” Cover Story, February 28), I have my own little battle going with the Union-Tribune concerning the missing sections in their daily paper plus getting ripped off by their vending machines. I have repeatedly called them and sent emails regarding this problem and have been promised vouchers for free papers, but none ever arrived. All I’ve gotten is a runaround. This morning is an example: I bought a copy of the U-T and discovered two sections were missing. Speaking to the folks at the nearby Starbucks, they said that all of their copies were missing two sections as well. A pretty poor example of how to keep your customers.

Name Withheld by Request
via email

Watchdog Watch

I just wanted to congratulate you on the article that was published about two weeks ago; it was titled “The Rise and Fall of the Copley Press” (Cover Story, February 28). I was very impressed with it. It was more of an exposé than everything else. Almost everything that I read in it confirmed my suspicions as to what the newspaper has been about and what a disservice it really does to the community. I often have wondered when I hear the newspaper call itself the watchdog. I wish that you would do an article maybe called “Who’s Watching the Watchdog,” about the Union-Tribune and who proclaimed them to be such a thing.

I think you do a great service to the community by taking on fellow journalists or fellow publishers and exposing them for what they are. I think San Diego would be a much better city if we had a newspaper that had the courage to do the right thing, unlike the Union-Tribune and the Copley Press.

Name Withheld

Time Is Short

“The Rise and Fall of the Copley Press,” the cover story in the February 28 edition, was very interesting. I’m curious as to why Neil Morgan’s name was missing. Morgan introduced Helen Hunt to James Copley, which is a significant fact. Morgan, a prominent columnist, was also the editor of the San Diego Evening Tribune. He was later fired, for unknown reasons.

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