It's Not a Bad Thing

Get Back Loretta is one of the most innovative bands in Southern California. I don't see why it's a bad thing to take inspiration from the Beatles. I can't think of a better role model for music, and GBL definitely lives up to any and all expectations. They are the only band who has any business referencing the greatest band of all time.
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What's The Joke?

I'm going crazy after reading the cover article in this week's issue ("Does Christmas Offend You?" December 20). In it Gideon Rappaport says, "As an old punch line went, 'What's a Jew doing on a horse?'" So, as a lover of old jokes, I went to Google to look up the joke. The only reference to the punch line given is to your story!

Please, what's the joke?
Al Weiss
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Gideon Rappaport responds: The painter Paul Brach told the story that, though he'd grown up in Jewish upper-middle-class New York, he'd spent time in Arizona working on a ranch and had studied at the University of Iowa, among other places. When he was drafted into the Army during WWII, they put him into a horse regiment in Texas. The first day, the sergeant, thinking to use someone as a bad example of riding so he could then whip the group into shape, asked Brach to do something on horseback. He did it. Then he was asked to do something much harder. He did it. The sergeant was not only stymied in his plan for the new recruit to set a bad example but surprised at what this particular recruit could do. When he found out who the recruit was, "What's a Jew doing on a horse?" was his response.

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Barbarella Fokos Jan. 22, 2008 @ 12:59 p.m.

Open note to E.J.: In regard to your post script, “A little happiness is hard to come by in this life. Seems to me you squandered a bunch of it this Christmas.” First off, happiness is not hard to come by at all. It’s a mindset, and I come by it very, very easily. As do the friends and family with whom I choose to surround myself. And secondly, I can’t see how choosing to do what makes me happy, with people who make me happy, during a holiday that, if I were to celebrate it, would have made me unhappy, is “squandering” happiness. As for the “maybe you can do better next,” let’s just say, “I plan to.” Thanks for writing in!


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