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Extremely Upset

I recently read a letter (February 14) by someone who asked why “Roommate from Hell” articles no longer appear in your publication and why “Dumped” is there instead. The response was that “Roommate from Hell” articles are published as they become available. Well, let me say I sent in my “Roommate from Hell” article for publication in November and have not received a response, yes or no either way. I am extremely upset by this, and this is my fourth or so email complaining about the lack of professional conduct of the Reader. My article was as good as any other (I would be willing to resubmit it); however, if it was offensive in any way, I would have at least expected an answer. I emailed it to the correct address, which by the way is no longer in the Reader, but rather a new address for “Dumped” has taken its place. It is concerning to me that such a thing has taken place, and I have not forgotten about it.

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Legally Stripped

Re “Very Heartening” (Letters, February 14), whose revelations bring to mind this excerpt from our Declaration of Independence: “He [King George] has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his assent to their acts of pretended legislation.” I am reminded of the arguments proffered by the advocates for “redemption” strategies, wherein “John-Q: of the clan Citizen” is legally stripped of his/her sovereign status by unwittingly volunteering to be a commercial entity named John Q. Citizen, which is legally subservient to his “upline”: any government agency, inc.; town, inc.; city, inc.; county, inc.; state, inc.; U.S., inc. It’s no wonder that Congress has defined the Citizen as the “enemy” of the U.S., Inc.

So this is how these seemingly unconstitutional “laws” (Patriot Act, etc.) get properly blessed by the courts. The Constitution is not operable; we all operate in commerce! It all makes sense if you refer to the Uniform Commercial Code rather than the Constitution to determine what’s fair.

For example: the U.S. Marine Corps, Inc., is contracted as a mercenary enforcer for U.S., Inc., which is contracted by the Federal Reserve Bank, Inc., to secure its shareholders’ oil assets in Iraq, composed of oil companies, inc.

This is not new. The Empire of “The City,” by E.C. Knuth, 1945, researched obscure research papers that collectively proved that the British government, from 1815 to 1945, acted as a mercenary force for “the Crown.” This is not the royal family but a banking cartel, led by the Bank of England (privately and closely held, of course) all of whom lived in and operated from an independently governed ghetto of London called “The City.”

The book’s point is, Britain instigated dozens of wars, including WWI and WWII, from which the citizenry gained nothing except a declining standard of living and lost sons in every generation. The nation owned none of the colonies, which encompassed five-eighths of the globe by 1945. Parliament had no jurisdiction over the “British Empire,” only over domestic affairs. This national self-sacrificing behavior made no sense for the citizenry.

The mercenary mantle was passed to the U.S., Inc., and we are reenacting history until we end up poor and broken like most of the inhabitants of Britain. Our “national interests” around the world are really certain private interests whom we ignorantly work (and die) for. Our own bankster masters live in the “Golden Ghetto” in New York City, whose zip code is the source of half of all political campaign funds for all state and federal offices. No wonder Bill Clinton, when asked what he’d learned upon becoming president, replied: I learned that someone else makes all the decisions.

Lastly, the writer’s advocacy for a gold-based dollar is misplaced. The U.S. government owns no appreciable amount of gold. Look for the book On the Horns of the Beast, by Bill Still (author of the video documentary The Money Masters). In both articles, he chronicles the long history of banking and power politics. He ends the book with a convincing argument against gold as collateral for money; not the least is that whoever owns the gold owns the money and the nation that uses it.

Pat Palmer


Obnoxious Population

Don Bauder’s excellent February 14 article, “Dust Bowl Coming?” (“City Lights”), quotes solid authorities and conditions regarding Southern California’s drought. No politician or conservation measures will alter its severity, as outlined in Max Evans’s November 15, 2007 letter, “God-Haters Miss the Point,” whereby the problem is not climatic or geophysical but rather spiritual, for God owns and controls the weather (Psalms 147).

Early America honored God’s precepts for living and governing and found itself blessed beyond imagination over any combination of backsliding and pagan nations, precepts today mostly ignored and paralleled with an increasingly obnoxious population and declining standard of living resulting from a new idol worship of things created, and not the Creator, including environmental material objects and vain, arrogant celebrities.

Biblically, and ultimately, legalized sacrifice of the young (abortion) and legalized perverse sex, unless reversed, will bring military defeat and the remaining population spewed (driven) out of their land (ref. Lev. Ch. 18, 20, 26; Deut. 18 and 28).

Mr. Evans mentioned a simultaneous severe drought and destruction of a latter-day “daughter of Babylon” (Jer. 50:38). Likely the U.S. for transgressions, currently manifesting erratic and vicious weather and economic dislocation.

Our industrial base has left, agriculture faces heavy foreign competition and endless new and foreign pathogens, potential depression and possible dollar collapse, all representing loss of blessings and new curses due to our unbiblical lifestyle.

To reverse the above for prosperity and good rains, the U.S. must repent (II Chron. ch. 7:14) and ask God for forgiveness through His son Jesus Christ and for eternal life. Sam Adams said, “You will be ruled by God or by tyrants.” The current one has a good start on us.

Ken Howard


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