Furthermore, the CDC hides behind HIPPA laws so it doesn’t have to give details of illnesses and deaths at prisons now. Now, due to HIPPA, the deaths are always “due to natural causes.” I assure you they don’t care about the inmates’ privacy as much as they care about not having to spend any money on prisoners’ health care. The reason they say they don’t have to give even a wife any such information is “the inmate didn’t ask for a HIPPA form.” Of course my husband listed me as next of kin. That didn’t matter. The prison doesn’t have to tell the inmates at orientation about the HIPPA form, so of course the inmate doesn’t know to ask for the form.

Now, this year, supposedly after many nurses have quit working there and after another chief medical officer has gotten in trouble and more money is going to be spent on prison health care, I am sure the situation is just as bad or worse: no matter how much money you pay in tax, the CDC just pockets as much as it can, and that place, R.J. Donovan, is a toilet, a cesspool right here in your county.

So, no matter how you feel about illegal immigrants, rest assured that if your son, nephew, husband, or neighbor ends up there, he’ll suffer the same inhumane medical neglect as the immigrant suffered at the neighboring facility, and R.J. Donovan is a breeding ground for an epidemic that could endanger the entire county. Keep in mind that about five years ago, when the governor had to first address no oversight for the medical budget for prisoners, the first approach was to cut out one meal a day on weekends for the prisoners. No, they don’t receive the medical benefits you already pay for. I do believe they are released or killed rather than cured.

Shelly Schwartlander
via email

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Jay Allen Sanford Dec. 30, 2008 @ 5:19 p.m.

I've heard of people doing crazier things with potatoes (ask rock impresario Kim Fowley about his famous "potato lady" groupie story) - everything is art! Or can be, in inspired hands ---


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