We as doctor-healers must go back to our ancient roots.

Primum non nocere — first, do no harm.

Preserve and increase the quality of human life at all costs.

Estelle Toby Goldstein, M.D.
San Diego

Brass Tacks Needed

Poor Rico Gardiner (Letters, November 13). All he does is offer a bit of well-intended and constructive criticism of San Diego so that the poor sods unfortunate enough to live here might somehow better themselves and their benighted burg, and what does he get for his pains, naught but abuse. Sadly, such is often the lot of those of superior intellect who stoop to show lesser minds the errors of their ways. Hoping for a lively and elevated discussion, Rico instead has scorn and vituperation heaped upon him. But what else could he expect from witless troglodytes?

Perhaps part of this stems from Gardiner’s habit of denying city status to San Diego. Maybe if he were to explain to us what makes a real city such as San Francisco as opposed to an ersatz city like San Diego it would help to clarify matters. Unfortunately, Rico can only offer up vague generalities that leave little room for rebuttal since they are almost entirely lacking in substance. It would help if he got down to brass tacks.

He lauds his lone defender, attributing her higher intelligence to the fact that she hails from the Bay Area. I cannot argue with him there as I was also born and raised in the Bay Area.

San Francisco is indeed a great city. It is, however, not without its faults. For instance, the amount of litter and trash strewn up and down its streets is vastly greater than here in San Diego. The panhandlers are far more numerous and aggressive than here. And, finally, the homeless have a habit of constructing their cardboard wickiups right on Market Street in the heart of the financial district. But who knows, it may be that Rico regards such things as civic assets.

But one thing is certain, Mr. Mission Hills needs to be reminded that whining is the last refuge of the pathetic.

David Lathrap
Pacific Beach

What’s He Doing Here?

The letter submitted November 6, “Crasher Basher,” by Robert Lowth was so true, and it needed to be said. Robert is a very observant man. His profile of Josh Board was right on the money. Great job, Robert.

I have always been convinced that Josh B. and his “Crasher” column is beyond mundane. In fact, it wouldn’t even appeal to third graders. Also, I find it strange that Josh the party crasher is on this quest to find a party worth writing about. It is apparent he is void of creative writing skills. It’s very one-dimensional how he describes a party. There is no character to his storytelling. His way of writing is very generic and boring.

But on a more serious note, Josh Board appears to be a party predator who preys on innocent partygoers and criticizes the party in question, then writes about it in very poor taste. How deranged can you be? I can’t believe he gets paid to do this. How on earth is he employed by the Reader? Who would hire such a person?

However, I do recall Josh B., music critic for the Reader over half a decade ago. He wasn’t that bad until he interviewed two former members of local progressive metal band Psychotic Waltz in 2004. Josh could have written a nice story, but instead he caused some conflict based upon his lack of knowledge and history on what Psychotic Waltz has accomplished. Josh B. could have been sued for slander, but it never happened.

I understand why people are fed up with Josh and his sarcasm. I find it odd that there are those who enjoy his awful “Crasher” column and seem to defend him. In this day and age, I don’t know what to think, and I can’t believe he still works for the Reader. His occupation as the crasher is nothing to be proud of, especially when you are void of imagination, such as is the case with Josh Board.

The moral to this story is Josh Board is not a genuine writer, and it is unfortunate he stains the reputation within the Reader, and I know there are a thousand people out there that would agree. As a fan of the Reader for 25 years, my only concern is, I hope the Reader staff is aware of this situation. I can’t imagine Josh B. and the “Crasher” continuing on and on for years to come. That would be sinful.

Tony D. Metal
Spring Valley

Sign Man

On your October 16 cover you had a picture of Pavle Ikonic from Belgrade, Serbia (“Keep That Sign Moving”). He was very entertaining with his signboard. I would see him as I went by on the bus. I hope someone helped him get a better job because he took his job seriously. I hope he makes a good life for himself in America because the country needs people like him.

J. Warrington

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Josh Board Dec. 3, 2008 @ 3:12 p.m.

Hey Metal Man, first, thanks for your kind words regarding my music reviews/write ups in the past. Although you are completely wrong on Pyschotic Waltz. My boss asked me to write the piece, and if memory serves, one member didn't want to talk to me, and said it was because he had some falling out with another band member. Nothing else in that story was negative. I was simply putting the comments in from the band, as to what they were doing "now". I know one dude was mad about the story (I think it was the cat that owned Blue Meanie Records), but I'm not even sure why. If you could print, or tell me, what was negative about the story, I'd love to hear it. I didn't do one bit of editorializing on it (ie "this heavy metal band has music that sucks...it's like Spinal Tap without the humor). It was simply a "where are they now?" piece, since the band appeared on the cover of the Reader 25 years ago, or some such thing.

Regarding my Crasher column, sorry you aren't fond of it. I've seen in the past, you've written many letters to the editor. Sometimes you're on point, other times you sound like an idiotic know-it-all that gets facts wrong. Maybe it's you, that wishes you were a writer, and someone "important" instead of someone that merely comments on what others write. Your letters are always welcome. From what I remember in some, you do have a knowledge of music.

And, in regards to my "quest to find a party worth writing about." I've never said, or even implied, that's the case. I once heard from people that had a company beach party in O'side. They said, "Wow, you made our party sound fun and exciting." The party was in fact, a bit on the slow side. Nobody really had a lot to say, not many activities going, just some BBQ. But the few events that did occur (tug of war, frisbee), I wrote about, and tried my best to make it funny.

But just for you, I'll try to be a little less mundane in my writing style.

(by the way, if Metal isn't your real last name...it was a goofy nom de plume)


towelheadedcameljockey Dec. 4, 2008 @ 6:40 p.m.

I started reading the Reader because of the Crasher column. I was at a party that Josh wrote about. Prior to that, I never heard of his column. Although I really didn't get a chance to speak with him much, when I saw the write up I really liked how he put everything together and have been checking back on the Reader website ever since.

I'm glad I got reeled in. I enjoy all the standard weekly columns and think the staff writers are damn talented. The best part is they all have a totally different writing style. It's obvious many people out there like the Crasher column and his writing style. I'm guessing that's why he keeps getting invited to these parties, where people are excited to have him.

What's unfortunate is when they don't write the column how they want, they then write in letters stating "his writing is lame". Just because a business isn't plugged, or we hear about how someone totally went banana's, or we hear his take on what he did, instead of about what the person who's complaining did.

After noticing that the recent few letters which have been published over the last few weeks regarding the Crasher are either from people who didn't like the way their party was written up, or from someone who's friends band wasn't represented exactly how they wanted, I thought I'd post my opinion as a reader who is a fan, and knows many fans of the Crasher column.


Fred Williams Dec. 5, 2008 @ 6:14 a.m.

Josh slams down a pint of whiskey and thows the empty bottle out the window to shatter on the street. Cutting off a minivan filled with children, he pulls the boardmobile into a modest residential neighborhood. Cruising the quiet streets, he scans up and down looking for the tell-tale signs. "What innocent soul can I malign and slander in my amazingly important Reader column..??

"Ah, there's a party right here!"

Josh double parks the boardmobile in front of a fire hydrant, brushes past the blood and hair encrusted bumper, still sporting hopeful McCain/Palin stickers, and presents himself at the front door.

Music thumps behind closed doors. A cluster of overweight teenagers wearing black t-shirts gape at new arrival and marvel at his costume.

"It's Josh Board, the Party Predator," fat boy whispers to chunky friends. Josh smiles down on them, and they glimpse the tips of his fangs. He raises a finger, and flicks it in their direction. The kids scatter, falling down on the lawn, butt cracks showing as they scramble down the street howling.

The door opens.

"Welcome to the P...uh, wait, NO!"

The hostess tries to slam the door shut, but Josh has his foot in the door.

"I'm from the Reader. There's nothing you can do to stop me!" Josh raises his digital camera and, in a bright flash, steals the woman's soul.

"I've got you now. You're property of Jim Holman and his demonic cohorts. Potter and Bauder'll roast your shanks, carve them up, and serve them with nachos and chili-fries to homeless drug addicts at Mayor Sander's home in Kensington...Bwaaa Haaaa Haaaa!"

Robert and Tony arrive to protect justice, truth, and freedom. Josh turns from his innocent victim, sees the two vigilantes jogging his way, and bares his fangs.

"How dare you disturb my EVIL!"

Your knees would shake, but the intrepid fighters for truth and the American way stand firm.

"You should be nice." Says Robert.

"Yeah, and don't ever write embarrassing stuff about people." Says Tony.

"And don't criticize people's parties, man." Robert continues.

Josh's eyes widen, and he steps back with one arm raised to fend off the brutal attacks. The vigilantes press their advantage.

"You're like, not even a good writer too."

"You've got poor taste."

Josh stumbles to his knees, and begins crawling, gasping for breath, heading for the boardmobile as he is pursued, step by agonizing step, by his righteous tormenters.

"You stain the reputation of the Reader."

"Void of creative writing skills, nah, nah, neh-nah, nah!"

Josh pulls himself into his black, dented, rusting heap.

Tony and Robert turn to the hostess, and are met with a glare.

"You mean, you wanted Josh to write about your party?"

"Duh. I invited him. I love his stuff."

"Oh. Ahhhhh."

"Yeah. Hmmmmm."

"Hey, Josh! Josh! Come back!"

"Yeah. We're sorry, dude."

"Oh, dang it. Now he's gone."

"Whoops. My bad."

Tony and Robert slink away.


jfeala Dec. 5, 2008 @ 6:42 p.m.

Hey Fred_Williams, that was good, would you mind standing in for the Crasher once in a while?


Fred Williams Dec. 6, 2008 @ 9:51 a.m.

The Reader's writers are top-notch, jfeala.

I've considered submitting stories, but...well, I'd rather just make stuff up. Honestly, I'm simply too lazy to do real research and reporting and fact checking and re-writing.

It's too much like W-O-R-K. I already do that stuff in the IT industry for more money, so it would take something different to attract my interest.

Now if they have an opening for a lazy guy who writes weird stuff that makes little sense, I'm the man.

But when it comes to the hard work of reporting on light topics through the Party Crasher, I'll let Josh put in all the effort and endure all the insults. Surely, he's not paid enough for all the crap he takes online.

When it comes to REAL reporting, Don Bauder and Matt Potter have forgotten more than I could ever hope to learn. Dorian Hargrove's work on neighborhood issues is something I really admire too. There's a lot of talent available every Thursday for free in the Reader, and I'm grateful for what the Reader does.

Why do people whine so much?

Those who criticize Josh Board are kinda missing the whole point. His articles are light entertainment, not a permanent record of "The Truth", but one guys take on what he experiences at various places. He writes with his readers in mind, and that's going to take him places that Burl Stiff would never go.

If you just want candy coated "it was such a cool party and I love everyone", then don't read Josh's articles. Try the UT's "Society Columnist" Burl Stiff...(uh, yeah...I know, but it's his real name. He's a "buddy" of David's, you know?)

Now, If you really love reading nonsensical crap like I put out, then please send multiple letters to the Reader requesting that they publish me regularly...please be sure to mention that they ought to pay me gobs and gobs of money too, okay? I'm sure the advertisers are all just waiting on tippy-toes to buy big spreads nearby anything I'd write.

Get writing those letters!

(By the way, jfeala. It's stunning how very attractive you are online, and how fresh your breath is. Did I mention that I really like what you've done with your hair? Don't tell MsGrant or JulieParrots that we're seeing each other, okay?)




MsGrant Dec. 6, 2008 @ 10:37 a.m.

Ooooohh, boy, now you've done it! This is not Big Love, Fred. I will sweep up the scraps of my dignity and move forward with my comment.

If people do not like Josh Board's column, pray tell, why does he keep getting invited to parties? I'm going to invite him to my next party. And I am not going to go all apes*** if he doesn't make it sound like the Burl Stiff fete of the century. So there.

Fred, you have some splainin to do.


Fred Williams Dec. 6, 2008 @ 11:03 a.m.

It was just an innocent blog comment, honey!

Don't blow it up all out of proportion. Sure, jfeala and I were necking on the couch at that party Josh was invited to, but I was drunk, and so was she...at least I hope jfeala is a she...

I'm sorry, MsGrant. I'll make it up to you.

Tell you what. Since I'm a traditionalist, I'll go find some severed plant genitals bound together with a rubber band. Would that work?

Fred the Filanderer


JulieParrots Dec. 6, 2008 @ 11:35 a.m.

Ahhh...(stretching out her wings) You know Reverend Williams, there is always room for one more...


MsGrant Dec. 6, 2008 @ 2:09 p.m.

Mmmph. You will have to do better than that. I think you know what that means. I will provide the rubber bands.


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