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Jay: “Anya Marina, because there’s something about her singing voice that’s just, well, you know.”


Jason: Killing Yourself to Live, Chuck Klosterman. “The book is about how the greatest career move any musician can make is to die early and what this means to and about all of us regular folk. [The author] takes a road trip to all the spots famous musicians have died, from Kurt Cobain’s house to the swamplands where Lynyrd Skynyrd’s plane crashed.”

Aaron: The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini. “The book is told from the perspective of a boy growing up in Afghanistan and the many different tragedies that have taken place there — from the monarchy tumbling to the Soviet invasion to refugees escaping to the U.S. and into the reign of the Taliban regime.”

Jay: Soul Music, Terry Pratchett. “It happens in a different universe, where the world is a great big disc being carried by four elephants on top of a flying cosmic turtle, and a band has to learn how to rock and roll with trolls and dwarves in this odd world.”

Dana: Into Thin Air, Jon Krakauer. “The true story of a Mount Everest expedition that was caught in a massive storm.”


Jason: Men’s Health. “It’s great turd-room reading, chock full of pointers on working out, eating healthy, dressing classy, and impressing the chicks. It’s like having a dad who actually knows the answers on how to be cool and successful but who doesn’t nag you to get a job.”

Aaron: Creativity. “I’m a video-game designer, and this magazine has a lot of good tips about the industry.”

Jay: Paste. “It’s a well-written music magazine that doesn’t just focus on the flavor of the month.”


Jason: craigslist.com. “I seriously think I’ve got an addiction to searching for that used guitar or amp or pedal at a steal.”

Aaron: MLB.com. “All things baseball.”

Jay: wikipedia.com. “They know everything, and it’s all true!”

Dana: ebay.com. “Musical instruments galore.”


Jason: “Cigarettes, Burger King french fries, and of course midget porn.”

Aaron: “Cigarettes (I smoke them like it’s my job), burgers (I eat too damn many of them), and beer (I can’t ever seem to throw in the towel before it’s too late).”

Jay: “Las Vegas, multiplayer online role-playing games, Wild Cherry Pepsi, speeding in my car, and eating veal.”


Jason: “Cowles Mountain, Torrey Pines, Sunset Cliffs, Red Fox Room, and Borders. I love the outdoors, old people, and catching up on my Britney Spears gossip.”

Aaron: “Hamilton’s Tavern [South Park], because it’s a beer drinker’s paradise. They have so many good beers, and there’s never enough time in a day to drink them all.”

Jay: “Our practice space, because that’s where I get to play music with my friends.”

Dana: “Ocean Beach. Just because.”

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