A few people snapped photos of him. I said, “You must hate the fact that cell phones have cameras.” He said, “Why would I?”

“Because now everyone has a camera with them, and you have to constantly stop for pictures.” He smiled and said, “Yeah, that’s true.”

I went over to a table that had shade. I got into a conversation with some filmmakers about the scariest villain in movies. I told them Siskel & Ebert debated whether Hal in 2001 could be considered a villain. As we all weighed in on that, one guy said, “Do you realize we sound like complete geeks?” I said, “No, not really. Unless we’re talking about episode three of the first season of Star Trek.”

He replied, “Maybe more so if we were talking about Star Trek. But we still sound like those geeks that debate these things online. Here we are at this great party and we’re talking about movie villains.”

Maybe he was right.

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towelheadedcameljockey May 2, 2008 @ 11:56 a.m.

I wonder how one can come to the conclusion that the USS Indianapolis is darker then the Bizmark or Titanic. I understand that people were being eaten left and right, but you figure on the other ships people died just as tragically. Differently, but still tragic. Hm, many versions of the Titanic story (I never knew about Ghost of the Abyss until this article), the Bizmark and so on, it sounds like he has an obsession with ships. I also looked up information on Avatar. It's going to be the same type of animation that Polar Express was. I'm very disappointed in this type of animation, looks unappealing to me.


Josh Board May 5, 2008 @ 10:11 a.m.

I never saw Polar Express. But, I remember when Tom Hanks was on Letterman promoting it. They showed a scene, and Hanks went into great detail about how the actors have to act out each scene, with these ping pong type balls attached to them. Then, the animation was made. Letterman, looking confused, said "Why not just act it out, and use that? Why create the animation?"


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