As for Joe Deegan's comments:

The Golden West cheap? That's $7.94 a square foot, as the room is six foot ten by nine foot eight.

Reference to Sun Cafe as no fictitious business! Try reference USA-U.S. Business.

Reference to Centre City Development Corporation! This corporation of anti-American, international espionage foreign developers, American killers, have bought out this city with drug and alcohol distributors and foreign anti-American investors.

Reference to San Diego County Recorder's Office! This county administration has done nothing but force Americans into the streets -- use illegal labor to the point of overthrowing the region's American integrity -- and collaborated with anti-American religious and southwest federal administrations to destroy the United States.

Note: I moved to San Diego in 1983, was forced to live in the streets, doing daily labor and eating in soup lines from 1983 to 1994, when I moved into the Golden West Hotel. Started working at the Sun Cafe and eating at the Moon and Sun cafes.

The closing of the Moon and KD Donuts is just another plot of anti-American international colonization to starve us out and put us in the street, paying $25 to $30 for a piece of toast at an international dumpster full of illegal labor.

I am a tax-paying resident and American born!

John Wotzka San Diego

Trash Class

I find it both sad and ironic that, of the ten or so meth-heads I've met in the past 12 months, every one of the addicted, lying losers saw himself as some kind of "upper class" addict, socially superior to crack smokers ("A Yearlong Trip Down Crack Street," Cover Story, November 1). Perhaps that odd ego trip is why Sanford protests (methinks too much) his incompetence as a crack smoker. Class among the trash, dude!

Bob Tepedino San Diego

A Fate Worse Than Fat

In regards to the Reader's sob stories, being fat sucks ("Being Fat Sucks," Cover Story, September 27), being a drug addict sucks ("A Yearlong Trip Down Crack Street," Cover Story, November 1). I have some sympathy and empathy. It is a known fact that one can be predisposed to being fat. It's in the genes. Debatable as to whether being a drug addict is. My ex was a drug addict, and none of my sons are. Perhaps it is self-medicating an ailment of the mind. Debatable. I don't see too many who self-medicate with drugs, etc., get any better. They could see a shrink and get "legal" meds that may or may not work. You have to be willing to become a human guinea pig, but some of those meds actually work for a lot of people.

Getting to the gist of my letter, you can stop eating so much and you can realize that having a drug addiction is downright stupid. Some woman wrote there is nothing worse than being poor, white, fat, and a single middle-aged woman. Honey, there is something worse. That is being born with an ailment of the mind, or, the more commonly known term, a mental illness. An ailment of the heart is easier to cure than an ailment of the mind. And the ignorant who still think you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps: incredible. You're lucky if you can find your boots.

Including myself, there are at least six family members of mine that were born with this genetic illness, four of us have a major ailment of the mind. Don't get out your hankies. If we were celebs or wealthy, we might just be considered eccentric, or we could afford better care and maybe be cured, have a job, be part of the status quo.

You can be fat and have a decent job. You can be a recuperating drug addict and have a decent job. When one has a major ailment of the mind, like all chronically ill people, we cannot work. We can only dream about it.

It takes self-discipline to stop eating so much. It takes the same to avoid using drugs. I can only use self-discipline in helping to cope with my "sob story." When a neighbor says my taxes are paying for the benefits you get from living on SSI, I think, what benefits? It is a hard life, a degrading life, one I would trade in a second to be fat, working, and, yes, be a little happier. I have to use self-discipline to refrain from saying what I really feel like saying to a lot of grossly ignorant people.

The brain is an organ in the body, just like the heart, the liver, kidney, etc. My brain is sick, and I was born that way. I've lost so much. Friends, relatives. Other organs are failing. One son will have nothing to do with me because he is so ashamed of having a "mentally ill" mother.

I could go on. When the Reader wants to print another sob story, contact me. There are lots of interesting facts to be told. I'm surprised the Reader published my anti-germ letters. We "mentally ill" people are brainless. We sometimes wish we were. By the way, I'm sick of fat women who begrudge and misjudge women who are not fat.

Ms. Opinionated Rolando

Comments from Reader Website

Sheep and Goats

Published November 20

Posted by Paul H on 11/25/07, 7:02 p.m.

Quote: "Saroki had encountered that attitude among both Christians and Catholics...." With all due respect, the above quote is like saying "...among both iPods and mp3 players" or "...among both Californians and Americans." One category includes the other (i.e., an iPod is an mp3 player, Californians are Americans, and Catholics are Christians), but the phrasing implies that the author views the two categories as mutually exclusive.

Posted by Lickona on 11/25/07, 11:46 p.m.

Hilarious that I should accidentally make that implication while writing a piece about Christians seeking common ground across denominations. I was condensing a quote in which Saroki said that he had encountered the attitude among Christians (by which, I believe, he meant Christians who were not Catholic), and also while teaching in a Catholic school. Dratted word count. Apologies for the confusion.

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