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"Yes. It could well be they're tuned into this energy."

"Is intention a gift or a skill?"

"There are people who have greater gifts. There are extraordinary pianists, for instance, but everyone can learn to play the piano. The skill is to learn how to affect wisely. People are very interested in the idea that thoughts are things and can be transmitted to create a physical effect."

"You say there is no such thing as nothingness. Or space. What then is there?"

"There is energy. Charge. The empty space is heaving with subatomic energy. Nobel physicist Richard Feynman once said that there was enough energy in a cubic meter of space to boil all the oceans of the world."

"It almost sounds like the solution to all our fossil fuel problems is locked away in subatomic physics."

"That's exactly what some eminent scientists have been funded to work on, this zero point energy, for rocket propulsion among other things."

"What is a biophoton?"

"All living things dribble out tiny emissions of light -- biophotons. These light waves -- faint radiations -- cause proteins and cells to coordinate activities, for instance. So we are all sending out biophotons. Except multiple sclerosis victims exude too much light. They are drowning in light. Dr. Gary Schwartz looked at what happens when healers send 'healing intention,' and he found that they were streaming out biophotons through their hands.

"I was impressed by what you said about cancer victims."

"That they emit fewer and fewer photons, almost as if their lights were going out?"


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rickram215 Feb. 15, 2009 @ 12:15 a.m.

Im a thinker,id like to validate with confidence the we are the past,the present and the future in one living vessel need i say more3 ,ok i will, and those you yolk with generate possitive vibe or worse none. thanks you for adding knowledgeable info, I what am i look for? express intrest i already knew just thought i was going loony and close family member thought as well ,worse when i would predicted events ahead of times(really) ,so we are part which makes it so right.in service to help the weak. like the storms are for warning and jugdment [email protected]


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