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Springer Punk'd by a Locust

How did Lost Film Fest VJ Scott Beibin end up on The Jerry Springer Show kissing, then punching, Justin Pearson of the Locust? And why was some girl kicking his ass? "I left a voicemail telling [the producers] that I was sleeping with Justin, Alysia his girlfriend, and Christine his roommate," Beibin admits of the fabrication. Almost immediately, the quartet was flown to Chicago to tape a segment that, as edited, takes around three minutes before the first fight erupts (as Beibin and Pearson kiss). "The snot rocket actually happened after Justin spat on the stage and the guards dragged him out. They punched him in the nose, so what he was actually blowing out was not just snot, it was blood, too. "[Christine] punches me in the face, we fall over members of the audience, the crowd goes crazy. Steve, the big bald guard, grabs me with one hand and carries me over to the other side of the stage and asks me, 'What the hell is wrong with you?' and I say, 'Bwaaaa, shut up' in a Bugs Bunny voice." Around 15 minutes of the episode are posted on YouTube. (http://tinyurl.com/yvpve2)

Neo Conservative Blues Four Eyes singer/guitarist Mark DeCerbo collaborates with comic-book and video-game artist Thomas Carroll on a multimedia page -- Twonks and Plonkers -- at www.drunkduck.com. "We take a topical idea, Tom does the artwork and animation, I do the music, and we collaborate on the lyrics," says DeCerbo. One of the first "illustrated songs" to be uploaded was the duo's "Neo-Conservative Blues" ("I'm redder than any red state/ Folks say it really shows/ Yeah, it's written all over my face/ I got a gun for a nose!").

Accompanying artwork depicts Carroll's gun-nose character. "I designed him while sitting on a plane," says Carroll, "watching in-flight news blurbs about the pace of the Iraq War, the escalating violence between Israel and Syria, Guantanamo, and the disclosure of secret CIA bases overseas. It all bubbled over into that drawing.... I determined to upload the character, to somehow use him to energize the political debate about war, the Bush administration, and the way our country is now perceived by other countries."


Lindsay Goes to Rehab

"We heard young Lindsay Lohan went to rehab," says Anya Marina, "so in honor of her courageous decision, we recorded a song. Tristan Prettyman cowrote and Greg Laswell knocked on the door, poured a vodka, and added percussion and background vox." Entitled "Lindsay Goes to Rehab," the song is posted on MySpace and Stereogum.

"Check yourself before you wreck yourself...Drink the coke, but don't you snort the coke."

"I think she is compelling for a multitude of reasons," says Marina. "She is at once enviable and seemingly spoiled rotten, but at the same time you can't help but feel for her. She has been taken up into this glamorous lifestyle where every possible decadence is at her fingertips, and yet she's not supposed to make a misstep.... She's really just a kid [who has] great style and an even better rack."


Totally Gay

"San Diego's Gay Pop Star," reads the header atop the webpage for Aiden Bay, whose publicity photo shows him pulling down the front of his jeans with one hand and pulling up his shirt with the other. "All my lyrics reflect my personal life experiences and talk about who I am," Bay tells the Reader in an e-mail. "A 26-year-old gay male chasing a dream." Being so openly gay, he says, "inspires my audience, mainly the GLBT [gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender] community. It's not every day you hear a male artist sing a love song about a cute boy he's starting to fall in love with or about thinking you're different from the rest of the world because of your sexual preference."

Born in Mexico City and currently living in San Diego, Bay was the 2003 winner of Southwestern Idol, a tournament modeled after American Idol. He's recording a full-length album, having given up last year's "Summer Nights" job at SeaWorld as one of five hosts for Shamu's "House of Douse." His EP This Is for My Boys -- with cover art showing two male symbols intertwined -- contains homoerotic pop tunes like "Meant for a Bad Man" ("You're the kind of guy I said I'd never get with") and "Want Me Back" ("All I do is hurt inside, it's hard").

(www.myspace.com/aiden_bay and www.myspace.com/aidenbay)

Coffeehouse 101

Scott Wilson's video for his song "Coffeehouse 101" features around 50 local performers, each one lip-synching a lyric, with footage shot at Twiggs, Lestat's, the Hot Monkey Love Cafe, Balboa Park, and elsewhere around town. "There's almost as many locales as there are people," says Wilson. "I drove all over the county to get the shots, with whoever was available, whenever and wherever.... I couldn't time it right to get the Locust in there, but I [taped] most everybody else I sought out." Cameo appearances include Gregory Page, Chuck Schiele, Dave Howard, Sven-Erik Seaholm, Bart Mendoza, Mark DeCerbo, Carlos Olmeda, and a who's who of local talent that even the most plugged-in of scenesters would be hard pressed to fully identify.

"Coffeehouse 101" can be viewed on Yahoo Video, where at this writing it's gotten over 9000 plays. "I haven't done the math recently, but the last time I did, it was at about 14,000 total hits across the Web," says Wilson, "which is not OK Go numbers, but I consider it a success."


Happy Hippies

The Happy Hippie Eco Portal was "created in 1996 by two web geeks who were simply concerned about the environment and the future of our planet," according to the intro page. "We wanted to create a place for web users to easily find Eco-friendly products and services."

Based in San Diego, the groovy guys say their aim is to "unite other nature lovin' folk" from all over the world. Message forum categories include Hemp Speak ("Your favorite hemp products, etc."), Environment Alert ("What's going on in your community?"), Barter Board ("Great way to exchange products and services in a cashless transaction"), Vegetarian Recipes, and Organic Gardening.

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