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Chet Cannon (the Committee): "Well, the strangest thing that has happened to me while onstage is when one night this tequila-swilling female went Vampirella on me. I mean, she actually jumped up onstage, over my monitor, past my mike stand and tip can, and latched onto my chest just below my collar with a mouth full of teeth...OUCH!"

Jo Ellen Doering (the Brombies): "The most annoying, a corporate party who loved bluegrass, but they sat down at a table right in front of us and I think they really wanted to see if they could be louder than us -- and they were. They were louder than the banjo. We almost stopped, it was so loud. This was brutal. In fact, the person who booked us in this place in Ojai called the next day to apologize."

Michele Lundeen: "I had some guy literally crawl across the floor to eat a dog biscuit out of my hand when I was performing one of my heartwarming originals, 'I Need a Dog.' I was really just teasing, and there he was on his hands and knees, barking and growling. Lawd, have mercy."

Barbara Nesbitt: "After reluctantly conceding to play 'Sweet Home Alabama' in Portsmouth, VA...a gentleman exited the men's bathroom wearing nothing but a smile, ran straight up to the stage, danced for a moment, then ran out the door and down the street. But that's not that strange in Portsmouth."

Sir Charles Rowland (the Vultures): "At a gig on the outskirts of Barcelona, a rowdy crowd attempted to de-pants me onstage while we were playing a song. I fell down, but they did not get them off."

Rick Wilkins (the Nards): "At the Tiki House in PB, where I still play a lot, we used to get people from the audience up to play maracas or whatever for fun. One time this woman came up, grabbed the maracas, and proceeded to live out her pole-dancing fantasies. She violated the stage and the maraca in ways not often seen outside of cheap Internet porn. That maraca is still on display as a warning."

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lindaphotogirl91901 Aug. 28, 2010 @ 11:43 a.m.

I was at Chet's jam the night the vampire woman bit Chet! Wow...that was totally weird!


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