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The SDPD was trying to contact Marc Shannon last week. The vice department wanted him to know that he could not use a North Park building at 3926 Ohio Street -- once a 99-cent store -- for live shows until he got the proper permits.

Shannon had already staged a July 21 show at the all-age, 500-capacity venue he calls Avalon. "We had no problems," said Shannon of that first show, which featured local band a Scribe Amidst the Lions. He was planning his grand opening for last Saturday with Get Back Loretta, the Silent Comedy, and Chasing Paper.

Last Wednesday Sergeant Steve MacMillan of the SDPD told Shannon that the grand-opening show would not happen until he had a city-issued entertainment permit. Later in the week, MacMillan said there had been a change of plans and that his department would grant a one-day permit for the July 28 show.

MacMillan said there are a number of hurdles to overcome before the city issues an entertainment license. It can take up to 30 days to acquire one.

"There are condos just to the north," said MacMillan about possible noise issues that would need to be addressed. "I see where they are saying they expect to hold 500 people. Where are all those cars going to park?" He explained that agreements would have to be made with adjacent businesses to allow the use of their parking spots by Avalon patrons.

MacMillan suggested that there were safety issues regarding the building that must be approved by the building department before Avalon can open legally, that the fire department must declare the room safe to use.

Shannon says last Saturday's show went off without problems. "They held us to 200 capacity. We had to turn away 87 people." He says the city made him hire a fire marshal. The city has imposed a 50-person limit for future shows until he obtains a permanent entertainment permit. He has a show planned for Saturday.

Shannon maintains that MacMillan was not aware of all the permit applications he submitted. "It wasn't his fault. The paperwork was misplaced." Shannon says he has spent $47,000 to open the venue. "I'm not going away."

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