Luckily, I was with my brother, who not only rode the Indiana Jones ride 27 times but also believed he was Indiana Jones. So, as I toured Adventure Land with my ten-year-old brother who's got an obsession for speed and amazing persuasion skills, I began to realize that I was probably on my own Last Crusade. I got through that land, and then the next, and before long I was sure I was home free. Unfortunately, there was Tomorrowland. Despite my pleas that we try it "tomorrow," I was coaxed on to Space Mountain.

"It'll be fun," my brother told me, "it's not even scary. You'll love it." He grabbed me and threw me into the car. That's when I barfed for the first time on a ride. I was embarrassed because I spewed on the person next to me, but I had earned my "I survived" T-shirt and action-shot photo. At least no one could call me a coward. -- Andres Perez, Valhalla H.S.

Even though I can't remember the first time that I went to a theme park, throughout my childhood, until the year I turned 11, my family would go every two years or so to Disneyland. These visits were infrequent enough so that each time we went I could hardly bear to leave. Then came the chance to go to Disneyland with my choir, when I was in sixth grade. I confess that I switched my elective (originally band) around October when I learned that, in the spring, the choir would go to Disneyland. For the majority of the year, then, I anticipated the trip. I got into Disney in general, watching all of the movies and buying all kinds of memorabilia.

After the trip had come and gone, I realized that it wasn't worth all of the preparation that culminated in this single, one-day event. It wasn't long before I started begging my mom for our family to go to Disneyland. For the past several years my mom, my three younger sisters, and I have gotten annual passes. It is mostly thanks to me that we were able to get all of these passes; I paid for most of them with money that I earned.

However, I've come to be sick of Disneyland. I've been there too many times; most of the charm seems to have gone right out of the place. Now that our most recent annual passes have run out, I don't intend to visit the park for a long time. -- Michele Diaz, Poway H.S. graduate

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