As an adolescent, I witness racism from others my age. It's gotten to the point where I'm used to it. It's gotten to the point where kids will deem it "all in good fun" and everyone just shrugs it off. The sad part is people think the "real" racism is over. People think that the '60s are over and we can all move on. We have moved on, but we've moved on to a different kind of racism, the kind of racism that is so often ignored, is given the opportunity to grow stronger and turn into a common attitude that is not only tolerated but expected.

Our racism doesn't involve Jim Crow laws and lynching, so people think it's no big deal; it's only words, so where's the harm? I'd love to say there is no harm, but I can't. And here's the kicker: we can't have sit-ins, we can't have marches, and we can't throw rallies because it's impossible to start a cause for a problem that people don't believe exists.

Hopefully, the next time you hear a racist remark you'll take the time to listen because then you'll hear the raw, natural ugliness. Then we'll be aware of a problem that we can finally start to fix. -- Andres Perez, Valhalla H.S.

Despite our nation's many efforts to abolish racism, it still affects us strongly today. In my life I haven't experienced many different occasions where racism was present. In my small town there are not many other races than Caucasian so I haven't experienced any specific examples of racism.I have seen many movies with racist views or examples. One of those movies, Crash, opened my eyes to how people act toward other races. It amazes me how someone could look at someone else differently only because of skin color.

No one in my family is in any way racist, and I believe that is why I have been so sheltered from those views in my life. I hope that one day in the future people can get past their racist views; yet I doubt that will happen because some people are so narrow-minded. -- Natalie Venolia, Ramona H.S.

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