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6:27: "No borders, no boundaries, just great music for America's finest city!" I wonder if the guy who comes up with those sayings goes out for drinks with the ladies who write the sex and beauty tips for Cosmo. I wonder what a conversation between those two would sound like. Would they spew catchphrases to each other all night? They are playing "Zero" by the Smashing Pumpkins now. I had a "Zero" shirt in ninth grade; I admit it. It was given to me as a gift, but I wore it proudly for a while there.

6:30: "Steady as She Goes"! I was hoping they would play this! You know, because it's such a great example of mission statement points #8 (mentioned above) and #9 -- "Less Repetition --Although people want to hear their favorite songs more than once, we will try not to play them out." After hearing "Steady as She Goes" for the first time several months ago, I was wary of the Raconteurs, because this song, frankly, is nothing special. I can imagine that anyone who had heard this song played to death on the radio must've been unexcited about their July concert. I like the rest of the album, not as much as the White Stripes, but this is a perfect example of an artist with more to offer than one single, and they aren't going to have their other songs played on the radio, despite the fact that their audience (White Stripes fans) are established. On the plus side, the DJ did inform me that Pee Wee Herman is in the music video, which I learned the other day on Muzzle of Bees (www.muzzleofbees.com). Thanks, Ryan!

6:33: "FM 94.9 -- It's about the music!" And the promised "Bombtrack" by Rage Against the Machine. I know the Onion did an article about it a few years ago, but seriously, what has Zack de la Rocha been up to? Could he just retire off his Rage Against the Machine earnings? Would there be any chance that I would like Rage if they came out now? When I first heard "Killing in the Name Of," it seemed almost terrifying, how intense and angry these guys were, and how intense and angry my parents would be if they caught me listening to it. As you get older and realize that the critics who were acclaiming these guys were all in their 30s and older, it gets tougher to imagine them getting pumped up by something geared to 22-year-olds and younger.

6:37: Piano chords start this next song. Some churning studio effect. I have no idea what it is. Could be the Police, based on the reggae guitars.... Ah, no, it's the Clash's "Charlie Don't Surf." There we go, 94.9. Reaching into its deeper-tracks bag to play a rarely heard Clash song. A Clash song that isn't "Rock the Casbah" or "Should I Stay" is a treat. Let's hear some more "Jail Guitar Doors," "The Card Cheat," "The Right Profile," "Janie Jones," "Clash City Rockers," "This Is England," "Career Opportunities," "Clampdown," and "Revolution Rock," while we're at it. This song sort of meanders along. It's already had one fake-out ending.

6:42: "Charlie Don't Surf" was for Dawn in south Orange County! Call 570-1949 for more requests! New Gnarls Barkley when we come back! I'm predicting the Violent Femmes cover "Gone Daddy Gone."

6:43: Liza is back -- more accidents. Jesus, people, get home from work before 6:45! Then you can sit around and transcribe your thoughts while listening to staticky radio! They stick a narrated commercial on the end of the traffic as a sort of buffer to ease you into the real commercials.

6:44: A couple of commercials for car stuff. Boring without the stereotypical accents...

6:45: Home Depot ad. I don't listen to much SD radio, but I miss a lot of the jingles from DC radio back home. Jerry's Ford was the king of ads; their jingle would be stuck in your head for days. Also, Joon Rhee Karate, Senate Auto Insurance, and Bernie Streeter's Arby's restaurants.

6:46: Lexus ad. The average guy enjoying listening to "Piggy" by Nine Inch Nails is probably just about $24,940 away from buying a Lexus.

6:47: The second "dads and grads" ad I've heard in this segment. That oh-so-clever person should be shot.

6:48: Carl's Jr. ad where two Maxim-reading dudes debate about whether one is allowed to eat a salad. You know, because he is male, not female. It's as if they put a mike at the table the last time my buddy and I went to Carl's Jr.

6:49: Plug for Bonnaroo! Live streaming video offered on the 94.9 page. Oh, no, you go to their page and click on the same banner I have in my blog ads! The new Gnarls Barkley is called "Who Cares?" and it's safe to say that it will never be as big as "Crazy." The "who cares" sample is neat, but you have to imagine "Crazy" was lightning in a bottle. I can't wait until my parents discover it in about four months. I give credit where it is due; it's good to hear some of the other stuff off the album.

6:52: Gnarls Barkley's St. Elsewhere is one of the station's recommended CDs. That must be in accordance with mission statement point #7 -- "Take Risks -- We will not be afraid to push boundaries and champion good new music." You know, going out on a limb to recommend the CD with the most popular and omnipresent song that radio has seen in a good long time.

6:53: And, as if on cue, the opening bass rumble of Filter's "Hey, Man, Nice Shot" comes onto my stereo. I think I once saw a list where this CD was, like, the third most likely CD you could find in a used-CD bin. Seriously, screw these guys. This song screams to be used in movie previews or promos for a new, but soon to be canceled, Fox TV series. It doesn't scream to be blaring through my speakers.

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