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Kim Ball

  • Kim Ball
  • 26
  • Graduate Student
  • Clairemont

My roommate gave me this shirt; we're on a dance team together, and she likes the whole '80s aerobics theme. This is actually the first time that I've ever worn this shirt, so I'm not sure whether people will say anything about it. It's a good idea, though: "Have fun. Be fit. Aerobicize!" I wouldn't be surprised if every now and then somebody noticed what it said, but it wouldn't surprise me if no one cared at all.

Florien Mauch

  • Florien Mauch
  • 23
  • Student
  • University Heights

First of all, this kind of shirt is cheap, and second of all, I like the phrase "For luck, rub my belly." I'm from Germany, so it seems like a very American kind of shirt. I don't think it makes me look any more American. When I wear it back in Germany, I'll wear it and show off that I wear cool American clothing. A couple times people have told me that they like my shirt, but they never come up to me and ask to rub my stomach. I mean, if a beautiful girl wanted to rub my belly, I would let her.

Adriana Chiu

  • Adriana Chiu
  • 19
  • Student
  • University Heights

Of course I got this shirt because I'm awesome -- hello? I think it's just a funny shirt. Who wouldn't want to rock this? A friend of mine said she was going to burn this shirt. She thought she was being funny, but I don't think she's jealous. My friends are pretty awesome too. I don't really get too many snappy comments on it except "Nice shirt."

John Alves

  • John Alves
  • 32
  • Business Owner
  • Escondido

This is an awesome shirt because laundry is for suckers, so why not have a shirt that says, "Wear it till it stinks"? Everyone asks me where I got it, because it's a cool saying. There isn't one day that I go out that someone doesn't stop me and ask me where I got this shirt or comment on it. A lot of guys tell me, "That's me" or "I know someone like that." It evokes a response no matter where you're at or who you're with.

Jason Friend

  • Jason Friend
  • 21
  • Music Store Employee
  • College Area

The color was what originally attracted me to this shirt. I've never actually been to Maine, and it happened that the logo and slogan were there. A lot of people ask me if I have crabs because the shirt says, "We also got crabs." It's not really a good place to begin a conversation because I usually just say, "No, I do not have crabs." That's pretty much the start and finish of the conversation.

Tonya Yohana

  • Tonya Yohana
  • 31
  • Bartender
  • Carlsbad

The shirt I'm wearing is from my work. It has fingers crossed, like I'm telling a lie, and below that, it reads, "I'm not that kind of girl." I'm really not that kind of girl, so the slogan is true even though the implication is that I'm a liar. When I'm wearing it outside of work, people ask me about it all the time. Usually sleazier guys ask me whether I really am that kind of girl. I'm pretty straight to the point telling them that I'm not.

Wes Bellford

  • Wes Bellford
  • 25
  • Construction
  • Normal Heights

I've been coming to the bar where they sell these shirts for as long as I've been of legal drinking age. The fact that the sweater says, "After last night, I'll never drink again" is icing on the cake. People tend to find it funny; it's pretty much how I feel every Sunday morning. That's my day of rest, when I chill and try to get my energy back up for the coming week.

Brian Montell

  • Brian Montell
  • 24
  • Bartender/Cook
  • Mission Beach

This is the first shirt that my boss gave me. Maybe he was trying to say that I'm a bad influence. It might be because I'm from Boston that I tend to get a little loud and rowdy. I'm the new guy at the bar where I work, and I've already been 86'ed a couple times. I've never heard anyone say anything bad about shirts like these. People for the most part just want to know where they can buy their own.

Mary-Mundy Marsh

  • Mary-Mundy Marsh
  • 25
  • Retail
  • North Park

I wear the "Sluts Rock" shirt because of the irony: sluts don't rock. Men are the ones who comment the most on this shirt. It's typical to get a "Hell, yeah" or "Rock on, I agree." They're all ready for the high fives and ass slaps. I wear this shirt for the same reason that I might wear a "Blondes have more fun" shirt, that being, I'm not and it's untrue.

Leah Williams

  • Leah Williams
  • 18
  • Retail
  • La Mesa

My shirt is awesome because it says, "Instant slut, just add alcohol." I like that this shirt applies to most women, or at least the ones I've seen after a few cocktails. My parents would think this shirt is cool; they don't have any problem with me wearing shirts that have jokes about sex. I haven't gotten to see if this shirt works, but I hope guys buy me free drinks when they see it. It's hard, though, because guys get the wrong idea too easily.

Joe Cooper

  • Joe Cooper
  • 23
  • Barista
  • Valencia Park

Telling anyone that you're going to see them in hell is a pretty powerful statement in and of itself. It's like you're damning someone, but not so much really, because you're more or less saying, "I'll be right there with you." I tell my friends that I'll see them in hell all the time; we'll be holding hands on the way down, in fact. A friend of mine told me last night, "We're going to be holding hands on a first-class, one-way ticket to hell." My friends are the big sinners, where I consider myself a smaller sinner, but they like to tell me that no sin is greater than the next.

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