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Guenevere Miramontes

  • Guenevere Miramontes
  • 12
  • Student
  • Sherman Heights

I like this shirt because it says, "I love nerds." I like nerds, so what better shirt could I have? My last boyfriend wasn't a nerd; I had to dump him because he got too jealous [of my liking nerds]. I think guys like this shirt because it lets them know they have a chance because I like all kinds of people. I get nerds coming up to me when I'm wearing this, and I also get a lot of poseurs trying to pretend they're nerds so they can talk to me.

Margaret Buppo

  • Margaret Buppo
  • 12
  • Student
  • Redwood Village

I really like Disney, and it says, "I'm Grumpy" beneath the picture of the dwarf from Snow White. Tinkerbell is my favorite Disney character, but this shirt is cool because people try to hug me when I'm wearing it. I let both girls and guys hug me if they're nice to me.

Justin Roberts

  • Justin Roberts
  • 27
  • Building Engineer
  • Mission Valley

I was at Fenway Park, and I figured that this shirt sums up the feeling that you get when you're in Boston. I've been against the Yankees ever since they decided to try and buy baseball and the championship, although it doesn't seem to be working right now. There are a lot of Boston fans who always give me a "Yeah" when they see it. Some guy was driving by me the other day and was hanging out the side of his car screaming and swearing at me. That kind of thing is the most fun part about this shirt.

Monica Spoon

  • Monica Spoon
  • 18
  • Student/Waitress
  • Imperial Beach

There are a lot of shirts out there for blondes, and this is the first shirt that I saw for redheads. I had to get it. My friends laugh at it, but that's really about all the attention that I get when wearing it. I haven't gotten any strange guys coming up to me asking if I like it hot. I don't even think about it when I put it on; I'm the kind of person who could care less how people react.

Emily Hibbern

  • Emily Hibbern
  • 22
  • Student
  • Mission Beach

I express my feelings about voting with this shirt. I don't think anybody can really read this shirt when I walk by, so they don't see that it says, "I like to get it on with boys who vote." It can be weird when I notice guys reading it, because it makes them stare. The best thing about it is that it's comfy.

Fernando Rizzo

  • Fernando Rizzo
  • 25
  • Student
  • Ocean Beach

I enjoy the irony based on mixing piety and democracy. It's a mockery of various authorities with one simple shirt. There's something to be said about the separation of church and state, but who wouldn't vote for Jesus? I'm not sure if ladies like the shirt; I usually don't get a second look when I'm wearing it.

Chris Carnegie

  • Chris Carnegie
  • 21
  • Assistant Stage Manager
  • La Mesa

More than anything, I needed a brown shirt. I thought it was funny when I saw it; the randomness of it caught my attention. I haven't really gotten any comments on the shirt. My friends think it's a cute shirt.

Hichan Yasmimb

  • Hichan Yasmimb
  • 30
  • Clerk
  • La Mesa

I got this shirt because I thought it was pretty funny. Where I work, we sell shirts with similar sayings. I got into talking with people about their T-shirt ideas and paying them when their ideas sell. People usually just look at my shirt and tell me that they understand what it's like to have a job that they don't necessarily associate with.

Sandy George

  • Sandy George
  • 24
  • Graduate Student
  • Kearny Mesa

I got this shirt at a store called Vagabond, in Austin, Texas. I was going to school there, and one day I was wearing a shirt to class and I hated it. It was an orange tank top, and I didn't realize that I hated it because I was showing too much cleavage. So I went into Vagabond and took the other shirt off in the middle of the store and put this one on.

Paula Johns

  • Paula Johns
  • 36
  • Drama Teacher
  • Allied Gardens

I have this shirt because my husband says that I'm the slowest mountain biker in the world. [The shirt] says, "Behold the Turtle." Down the sleeve of the shirt, it reads, "He only makes progress when he sticks his neck out." People always look at my shirt and say, "You have turtles." Most people just ask to read my sleeve. I don't really worry about conversation starters, but I guess this shirt could work.

Jody Patterson

  • Jody Patterson
  • 26
  • Student
  • Spring Valley

Part of the reason I got this shirt is that you really can't drink beer for breakfast; it's more appropriate for dinner. I'd be lying if I said that I hadn't drank beer at least once for breakfast, but I usually try to wait until the cocktail hour. It happens when I go into stores; the people behind the counter usually say things like, "I could go for a beer right now," or "It's beer o'clock and I'm buying."

Gavin Bogart

  • Gavin Bogart
  • 18
  • Student
  • Del Mar

My sister actually bought me this shirt. I think she got it for me because she thought it would be a good way to start talking to the ladies. It's a good icebreaker to pick up chicks. Usually when I wear this shirt, it makes girls want me that much more. They tend to get all excited that I'm a doctor; I have to have my game face on when I'm wearing this shirt because people will start talking to me about it.

David Di Veroli

  • David Di Veroli
  • 21
  • Student
  • University Heights

I like that this shirt celebrates the old-school Nintendo. It takes me back to when I used to play the original video games. When I wear this shirt, I usually get quite a few comments on it. Most people think it's pretty cool that the shirt says, "Keep it real," because it's a nod to the original Nintendo; the original of anything tends to be the best. Already the first Nintendo brings back the feeling for people when they were younger, because there's that sense of nostalgia.

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