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After the show, a few students got up and talked about Larry Zeiger and how they'll never forget him. They sang a version of "Dust in the Wind" (similar to the way it was done in Old School during the funeral scene). The crowd was laughing and many held up cell phones that were turned on, the way people hold up lighters at a rock concert.

The cast party was at Old Venice Restaurant in Point Loma. It was a mix of students, parents, and alumni. Zeiger said, "Usually it's just alumni and parents here. The kids go and have their own party somewhere else." One of the kids did confide in me that they were going to leave this party early for a bonfire on the beach.

Most of the kids were sitting at their own tables. I enjoyed listening to the parents talk about what colleges their kids were going to attend. One explained that she took her daughter to several universities and said, "I found out you should never take them to look at a campus if they are hungry. Then all they want to do is leave and get something to eat. If you eat first and they aren't tired, then they don't mind looking around the campus."

There were a few football players in the show. One of them, Hal Roca, was very polite. He thanked me for coming. I told Zeiger that I thought it was nice of Roca to say. Zeiger said, "Football season ends in December, and I usually get a few football players who want to learn to sing and dance and act. Who would have known?"

I would've told Roca that I liked his rapping dwarf, but I forgot which one he played. I only remembered him in a dress, speaking with an Asian accent that had the crowd in stitches.

There was a wrestler named Tyler Vess who played one of the pirates as well as one of the five guys named Moe. He looked like a young Brad Pitt, and he told me he wanted a career in acting.

I left the party wishing I had been in a play in high school. Then I thought that between basketball practice and writing for the school newspaper, I probably didn't have the time.

There was also the little problem of me being unable to sing or dance.

Crash your party? Call 619-235-3000 x421 and leave an invitation for Josh Board.

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