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He went on about his club and seemed very enthusiastic. He said, "We should thank Woolworth's. This is the old Woolworth building, and we did the same thing in Cleveland, using one of their old stores for our club."

One fan then came up and asked for his autograph. Aykroyd asked him his name and the guy said, "Come on, you remember me!" He then explained something about delivering cases of wine to Aykroyd, who said, "Do you realize I meet thousands of people each day? I can't remember everyone I meet." The guy said, "Okay, okay. That's cool."

Back inside the club, I went to the ice sculpture where a bartender was serving drinks. He was serving cosmos and martinis, and he had a list near him. When someone would order a drink, he'd make a check. Cosmos were winning, 35 to 26.

The ice sculpture said House of Blues. I asked the guy how it was made and he jokingly said, "You should see how many ice cubes we had to stick together to do this." A blonde nearby said, "Really?"

I told him about another party I went to where a guy who makes ice sculptures told a story of someone who made a 10-foot penis for a bachelorette party. Drinks were poured into the top, and women drank them from the large ice testicles at the bottom of the sculpture. They ended up putting it in their limo, and the bride was taking a drink when the limo stopped suddenly and her two front teeth were knocked out. This happened a week before her wedding. That look didn't work for boxer Leon Spinks. I doubt she looked good in her white dress and veil and no teeth. Imagine explaining to people how you lost your teeth.

David Lee Roth came on stage around 10:15. We had to walk downstairs to get to the stage. All areas had great views. We were all the way in the back. There's an old Woolworth's sign on the wall.

Roth's hair was short again. A woman next to me said, "Why is his hair so short? He doesn't look like a rock star." I wanted to tell her that I thought he looked ridiculous when he had the long, dyed blonde locks with a receding hairline.

He started the show with "Hot for Teacher" and "Mean Streets" from his VH days. He then went into his solo hit "Living in Paradise," before jumping back into the old stuff with "Running with the Devil" and "Eruption."

I saw a guy on crutches who was rocking out. I looked back at the bar and saw a midget. I wouldn't normally mention the fact that a midget was at a party, but I felt bad for him as he walked around in his leather jacket trying to see past all the taller people in front of him.

A woman next to me saw him and asked me if I ever saw the late midget who worked for Kid Rock. I told her a story I heard on the radio about Ozzy Osbourne having a midget who worked for him. He got mad when the midget showed up late a few times, so Ozzy took him on the tour bus and threw him into the compartment above the seats and closed the latch. His staff had to talk him into letting the guy out.

I talked to a group of people who were saying, "This club is great, but how long before it's shut down? With all the apartments and condos they are putting downtown, it's only a matter of time before they complain about the noise." My guess is, before they opened up here, they covered their tracks. I'm more worried about other venues I enjoy going to, like the Belly Up Tavern and 4th & B. I don't want them going out of business.

I went back to walk around the venue. David Lee Roth was boring me. He had this goofy smile plastered on his face, and the songs were sounding just like the record. Some people like that. I'd rather hear different versions from the ones I own.

I glanced outside and saw that Aykroyd and his buddies had taken off.

Two girls working at the club offered me a poster that advertised the Blues Brothers show the next night. Jim Belushi has taken the place of his late brother.

As I was leaving the House of Blues, I saw a homeless guy sleeping against one of the buildings on 5th Avenue. He didn't seem to mind the noise.

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