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On MAY 22, Derrett returned to advertising banners, this time warning the stadium's marketing manager, Mike McSweeney, that a proposed event with a Hispanic soccer tie-in to Tecate beer was also treading on thin ice because Anheuser-Busch had signage rights in the stadium.

Mike as you can fully appreciate the Tecate event is extremely sensitive because of AB having exclusive signage in the building 365 a year. The Hispanic soccer angle is a great one but competitive beer signage is about as critical as it gets. Happy to talk to the promoter but you may wish to give her heads up. I'm around Monday am to talk further -- also spoke to Qualcomm's event organizer and explained what you and I had already talk about.

On MAY 25, Steve Wightman, the stadium's turf manager and building-maintenance supervisor, wrote McSweeney and their boss, stadium manager Bill Wilson, about plans to build a new X-ray room for the Chargers.

Just had a long conversation with the current Charger X-Ray company who will be bidding on this year's new Charger contract. Since this item (X-Ray) is on the Charger wish list which you both will be discussing with Bruce on Fri, I wanted to let you know what was talked about.

Apparently, the new x-ray technology will be eliminating the need for a darkroom and hazardous chemicals. However, the Chargers want to have an x-ray room conveniently located near the locker room area eliminating the need for the van they had last season that was parked next to Cris Leyco's office in the west tunnel. The room that has been mentioned by the Chargers to this company is the one that was used for the last Super Bowl located next to Rudy's office. That room is currently used by the stadium as storage. Whatever location is decided upon, it would require 220 electrical (a cost that would need to be calculated). Steve

On MAY 31, Charger chief operating officer Jim Steeg wrote the city's stadium manager Bill Wilson, stadium marketing manager Mike McSweeney, and then-assistant city manager Bruce Herring about what the team expected the city to do in the way of maintenance and stadium upgrades. Centerplate, referred to in the e-mail, is the company that provides concession services on game day. The e-mail's subject line read: "ACTION ITEMS FOR QUALCOMM STADIUM FOR 2005 SEASON."

Bruce, I thought I would put together the list of items we discussed last week and the appropriate timing on the follow up to ensure that we are progressing to having the items done by the initial preseason game.

  1. wireless internet in the working press area


  1. x-ray equipment in the locker room

City will authorize at cost estimated to be $10000

  1. power to Gate C ticket office sign

City will proceed, estimated cost of $1140

  1. best locking system replacement on suite doors

City will proceed, estimated cost of $3700

  1. obtaining new bicycle racks

City will purchase $4999, Chargers will investigate supplemental purchase

  1. repair turnstyles

City will investigate and also look to see where others exist

  1. new chairs in the press box

City has already ordered, estimated cost of $23000

  1. replacement of monitors in working press & announce booth ,

Chargers will explore with Sony, city will pay up to $40000

  1. JTECH security pager system

awaiting survey next week, City will fund reasonable amount

  1. reassign endzone films position

City will effectuate the demo of NW corner booth

  1. reconstruct the 50 yard line film position

Chargers will attempt to expand

  1. new bar area in loge level endzone

Chargers will investigate feasibility of moving season ticket holders, Centerplate would be pursued for the cost to build

  1. wireless scanners fore parking & ticket gates

awaiting final bid...proposed split with chargers/city

  1. Sirius radio installation in press box

apparently not feasible

  1. Marquee on Friars Road

City will pursue replacement

  1. drink rails in club lounges

Chargers and Centerplate to discuss

  1. new barstools in club lounges

Centerplate to pursue

  1. trash can in club level

City to address and fix

  1. new carpet in premium level and lounges

City to pursue the concourses, Centerplate to be asked about the lounges

  1. vinyl wall covering in up to 40 suites

City to replace at cost of up to $30000

  1. new parking lot signage and color coordination

attempt to get new parking lot vendor to provide

  1. restripe parking lot

attempt to get new parking lot vendor to provide

  1. video wall in working press area

to incorporate into plan to replace monitors

  1. suite remodels

Chargers to pursue with HOK

  1. new furniture for suites

Chargers to provide City with list of needs for barstools (50?) and sofas (20?)

  1. suite repairs

ongoing City maintenance

  1. addition of restrooms in Spanos suite

Chargers to handle

  1. cleaning, leaks, painting

ongoing City maintenance

  1. construction remodel of premier suite

City to provide up to 80 chairs ($165 each), Chargers to continue buildout, City to assist with permit issue

  1. relocation of phone room

City/Chargers to find suitable location

  1. relocation of Custom Antennae office and storage area

City/Chargers to find suitable location

  1. down converter for HD for FOX, ABC and ESPN

City to secure

  1. Command booth remodel and expansion

Chargers to remove the wall, and find replacement seats for other events

As the football season approached, the Chargers' stadium operations manager, Christian Webb, sent a list of maintenance problems to building-maintenance supervisor Steve Wightman. The subject of the JUNE 28 memo was "Suites Stuff"; Webb gave suite addresses and outlined problems with each.

Steve -- During my quick rounds I have these items to note'

P9B -- there seems to be a whole chewed (rat?) in one of the ceiling tiles by slider door. Please check

P3A & B -- door handle sticks, needs adjusting

P2A -- smells

L16B -- door threshold leaking

Also -- can we still get together and discuss steps taken for rusty ceiling tile frames. There are many on press level.

I was hoping to hear that Mac would be doing similar to Tom Ritz in the way of preventative maintenance. Tom does a great job with ice makers, HVAC and fridges.

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